24 09, 2017

What is Marketing? Here is the Secret

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Traditional & Relationship Marketing Explained What sets you apart from your competition?  Here is the secret to the question, what is marketing? We have all heard:  "It's a lot cheaper and easier to keep a client, then to have to find new ones" Recognize Vulnerability: You might be in touch with your client several times a week especially when your customer is brand new, but what about the in between time? This is crucial to building and maintaining relationships! When the work is done, top-of-mind awareness drops. Over time, if you haven't created a [...]

1 06, 2017

Relationship Marketing Multiple Touch Campaigns

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2 Campaigns That will Increase Your Bottom Line... Relationship Marketing Multiple Touch Campaigns like the ones I share in this video blog are exactly what I have been teaching for years to those who attend my seminars. At these seminars we teach building long-term relationships with customers will create the loyalty and relationships that all businesses strive for with current and potential customers.  Strengthening customer relations will create stronger customer retention, incremental sales, and referrals. https://youtu.be/SQL4Xpp4wiQ   This is Relationship Marketing at it's Very Finest!   Follow the 80/20 rule [...]

24 01, 2017

Gatekeeper’s…How to Get Past Them Using This Powerful Marketing Tool

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A personalized touch is a great way to get passed the Gatekeeper... Gatekeepers are tricky to get by!  All top leaders in their industry understand that in order to "get passed" or "bypass the gatekeeper" their marketing needs to include the personalized touch. Let's face it, folks, making connections is probably the most important part of building a business and making sales!  Look at it this way if you are not making new connections you're not really building a business you're simply stagnating. One way people make connections is networking through [...]

2 11, 2016

Building Brand Loyalty for Insurance Agencies Has Never Been Easier

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Here are the Factors that Impact Brand Loyalty... A consumer will make a decision to continue their brand loyalty for a couple reasons... Product serves their need Relationship with the sales rep However, it's been proven that the consumers brand loyalty is made first based on their relationship with the sales person.  Even if the price goes up, features change or the images change...interesting isn't it! Here's the key to customer retention... Inspire brand loyalty to your brand, service and/or product continually simply by taking better care of customers than the competition. [...]

24 09, 2016

Relationship Management Tool for Salespeople

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Greeting Cards and Relationship Management Go Hand in Hand Relationship management is the #1 thing that should be on any sales persons mind...period! Furthermore, top salespeople will tell you "if your not following up with appreciation, building and maintaining relationships with your clients...someone else is!" Most of all, one of the things I really enjoy, is teaching top salespeople all over the world how to use my Relationship Management service. As a result, here is a story & video from a promoter of my Relationship Management service. Watch as she shares with [...]

13 09, 2016

How to Maintain and Build Clientele for Salon Success

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Salon success takes an intense focus on money making activities! Managing time on the right money making activities is crucial in fast growth for your Salon Success! Would you like to earn extra money each month, with a simple, low effort product to build Salon Success? It's most effective to market to your current customers then to try and find new ones!  Not only is it most effective for referrals but it's cheaper marketing. A few great ways to increase sales and client retention for Salon success: Holiday Gift Certificates (an inexpensive way is paper [...]

7 09, 2016

Car Sales Tips That Create Top of Mind Referral’s

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Top of Mind Selling Strategies When It comes to Car Sales Tips "It's always easier and cheaper to retain a current customer than it is to find a new one!"  I know I sound like a broken record! Nonetheless, why don't most sales people understand that? Here's the thing, we all try to complicate the process.  We try to recreate the wheel so to speak. However, when it comes down to it the answer is there and always has been since paper, ink and greeting cards were invented... Watch this [...]

31 08, 2016

How to Create Customer Loyalty in Bowling Center’s

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Having a strong relationship with your customers will create customer loyalty in any type of business.  Keep in mind, it is key to have a Relationship Marketing Strategy in place. Remember, there are always new business's and competition lurking in every industry!  If you don't build that relationship with current customers, someone else will! What if competition moves in and they even have a better deal? No worries! Your customers loyalty lies with you as a result, simply because you created an ally with your customers. Here are some tips on how to create customer loyalty: Be Interested in people:  Making a new connection is an opportunity!  [...]

24 08, 2016

Increase Referrals with Thank You Cards

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How I turned 1 Thank You Card into 3 different referrals! Sending Referrals Thank You Cards... Appreciating Referrals...Not only is it super important to appreciate and thank your new and current customers, but even more so, when that current customer sends you a referral! When a customer sends you a referral that means that they know, like and trust you. "Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend" ~Mark Zuckerberg~ Your customer has generously trusted you with a referral and should definitely receive from you a message of [...]

3 08, 2016

Real Estate Thank You Cards and Relationship Marketing

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Real Estate Thank You Cards as we all know, have been taught to be hugely beneficial and key in building relationships in finding and keeping clients! Although it's great to acquire new clients and customers, don't overlook the best growth source there is: retaining and growing your existing business clients and customer base! Furthermore having a follow up strategy such as Real Estate Thank You Cards to show appreciation for the business is key to your success as a Realtor. Here's Why... Client feels appreciated Client remembers you, you stay top of mind [...]


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