A personalized touch is a great way to get passed the Gatekeeper…

Gatekeepers are tricky to get by!  All top leaders in their industry understand that in order to “get passed” or “bypass the gatekeeper” their marketing needs to include the personalized touch.

Let’s face it, folks, making connections is probably the most important part of building a business and making sales!  Look at it this way if you are not making new connections you’re not really building a business you’re simply stagnating.

One way people make connections is networking through events such as…

  • BNI
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Social Events
  • One on Ones

You get the picture 🙂

However, let’s say you are wanting to make a connection and sale with a specific company and no one you know or network with can introduce you to the CEO or Final Decision maker, what then?

This makes it extremely hard to get past the gatekeeper and on to the person you need to make an appointment with in order to make a sale!

Here is what a personalizing your marketing can do:

Now, in order to make this point, you have to understand that when I say personalize I mean “It’s not about you!”

By personalizing, I mean “it’s about them!”

For sure, it’s great to make sure your information is readily available, but the point of the personalizing I’m speaking of is about them.

Use your marketing genius by thinking outside the box and I’m gonna help you with an idea that…

  • is quick
  • saves money
  • saves time
  • personalizes

Watch this short video to see how a top leader uses this genius idea to skate past the gatekeeper and get an appointment…

Remember, this is a great way to get past the gatekeeper whether they live in the same town as you or not.  A marketing piece like this is genius and makes you look really, really good and a genius as well!

Now that you know this powerful secret of getting past a gatekeeper, let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment below and sharing this post to those who you know need to hear this genius marketing tool…

God Bless,

Kody B