Traditional & Relationship Marketing Explained

What sets you apart from your competition? 

Here is the secret to the question, what is marketing?

We have all heard:  “It’s a lot cheaper and easier to keep a client, then to have to find new ones”

Recognize Vulnerability:

You might be in touch with your client several times a week especially when your customer is brand new, but what about the in between time? This is crucial to building and maintaining relationships! When the work is done, top-of-mind awareness drops.
Over time, if you haven’t created a relationship where they know, like and trust you, then this is where you become very vulnerable to your competitors!   Next thing you know is, that unfortunately you’ve been replaced and lost those clients you so diligently worked to acquire!
Fortunately, there is an affordable defense and/or solution! 

Keep in touch:

Why is this the last thing people or companies think about, but should be the first thing on their list?

Keeping in touch is such a simple solution and single handedly the easiest and least expensive way to keep a client.   Here’s a few ideas that work for this purpose…

  • Publish an email newsletter.
  • Website subscriptions
  • Offer valuable information to your subscribers
  • Appreciation w/Greeting Cards (Birthday, Holiday, Thank You)
  • Avoid self-promotion

“Appreciation wins over Self Promotion every time” ~Kody Bateman

Remember, subtly promotes your services, reinforces your brand, educates your clients, and builds trust.

The Video will answer…what is marketing, and the secret of relationship marketing.