Real Estate Thank You Cards

Real Estate Thank You Cards as we all know, have been taught to be hugely beneficial and key in building relationships in finding and keeping clients!

Although it’s great to acquire new clients and customers, don’t overlook the best growth source there is: retaining and growing your existing business clients and customer base!

Furthermore having a follow up strategy such as Real Estate Thank You Cards to show appreciation for the business is key to your success as a Realtor.

Here’s Why…

  1. Client feels appreciated
  2. Client remembers you, you stay top of mind
  3. Client REFERS you over and over (which at this point showing appreciation for the referral is key)

Is your follow up strategy impersonal like one of these…

  • emails (people are tired of these)
  • letter head (not personal)
  • just saying thank you (they won’t remember you)
  • texting (they won’t remember you)

What make’s you stand out from every other Realtor? Real Estate Thank You Cards!

Watch this quick video to see this Top Realtor’s follow up strategy with buyers and sellers…


Consequently, follow up doesn’t have to be complicated and hard,  as you just saw in the video above, it really is simple to make someone feel personally appreciated…that’s it!

Most of all, imagine if you could retain all your customers, most people know at least 250 people; that means that’s a possible 250 new clients/customers to you for simply having a great follow up strategy that makes the seller/buyer feel appreciated!

Referrals are the life blood of any business!

It’s cheaper, easier, and more effective to retain current customers than it is to acquire new ones.

Going above and beyond, going the extra mile not only builds client retention it also builds strong relationships.  If your clients know you are prepared to go above and beyond, their loyalty will stick with you and knock out your competition.

Finally, it’s pretty clear that having a follow up strategy for relationship marketing — can pay off in a big way.

If you have found value and know anyone who would be interested in implementing this follow up strategy, then make sure your pass it on and share this valuable information!