Having a strong relationship with your customers will create customer loyalty in any type of business.  Keep in mind, it is key to have a Relationship Marketing Strategy in place.

Remember, there are always new business’s and competition lurking in every industry!  If you don’t build that relationship with current customers, someone else will!

What if competition moves in and they even have a better deal?

No worries! Your customers loyalty lies with you as a result, simply because you created an ally with your customers.

Here are some tips on how to create customer loyalty:

  • Be Interested in people:  Making a new connection is an opportunity!  Show customers your interest in how you can give best experience you can give.
  • Build Reliability:  Consistency builds loyalty! Your customers know they can count on a great experience every time they come to your place of business.
  • Be Honest:  Every one makes mistakes own up to yours! Always remember to stand up for what you believe is right.  The customer will have a greater respect for you and your place of business.
  • Be Real:  Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.  Spend time appreciating and listening to your customers.
  • Relationships should be a priority:  Due to treating your relationships as a priority,  your customers will trust that you have their best interest at heart 🙂

In conclusion, to stay in business we need to sell over and over everyday.  Showing appreciation makes selling more fun and less like selling.  Since the customer know’s you truly care about the relationship,  appreciation creates loyal customers who enjoy buying time and time again!   

Watch the video below to learn how a bowling center in Utah increased revenue by using a simple but effective Relationship Marketing Strategy…

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