Here are the Factors that Impact Brand Loyalty…

A consumer will make a decision to continue their brand loyalty for a couple reasons…

  1. Product serves their need
  2. Relationship with the sales rep

However, it’s been proven that the consumers brand loyalty is made first based on their relationship with the sales person.  Even if the price goes up, features change or the images change…interesting isn’t it!

Here’s the key to customer retention…

Inspire brand loyalty to your brand, service and/or product continually simply by taking better care of customers than the competition.

In general, salespersons are taught the importance of securing consumer loyalty, to them and their brand through…

  • books
  • websites
  • seminars
  • school

Because of the costs of advertising and marketing, studies show that it costs companies more money to attract new customers than to bring back existing customers.

Simply Show You Care…

If you truly listen to you customers and ask them how they are doing or what’s new and going on in their life…they will tell you reasons you can reach out to them to celebrate and show appreciation to them…such as…

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Babies
  • Sickness
  • Defining Moment
  • Thank You
  • Trials

Watch the video below to learn a unique way this Insurance Agency built their Consumer & Brand Loyalty by showing they cared and appreciated the customer beyond the Insurance transaction…

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Be unique in a noisy world and implement this strategy into your life and business to reap the rewards of customer retention and brand loyalty!

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