How I turned 1 Thank You Card into 3 different referrals!

Sending Referrals Thank You Cards…

Appreciating Referrals…Not only is it super important to appreciate and thank your new and current customers, but even more so, when that current customer sends you a referral!

When a customer sends you a referral that means that they know, like and trust you.

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend” ~Mark Zuckerberg~

Your customer has generously trusted you with a referral and should definitely receive from you a message of appreciation recognizing that!

More importantly, you should not send Thank You Cards contingent on the result of getting a successful sale.  Show unconditional appreciation, thanking them for the referral, not the sale!

With email and text being so impersonal these days, I suggest a handwritten note.  A referral is a very personal gesture deserving a very personal acknowledgement.

“I get new customers and referrals daily because I send a heartfelt greeting card thanking people for their business and for their referrals” ~Rick Shivers~

It’s a domino effect…Once the sale is made, don’t forget to send another thank you note to the customer who referred you.  Keeping connected, will encourage more referrals and success in your business.  The customer who gave you the referral will feel great about being a part of your and the new customer’s success.

Have a referral strategy in place because it’s so important to “deserve referrals rather than to expect referrals!”