“Real human connection is created when you act on your promptings, and reach out in kindness. Relationship Marketing is the key to sharing who you are with the world and serving the people you were meant to serve.”

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I am on a mission to help millions of people act on their promptings and make the difference they were born to make. I am here to inspire real human connection, teach the core promptings philosophy, and help people transform their personal lives and business through the art of relationship marketing.


“Listen to the voice within you, the voice that tells you who you are and celebrates your genius within. Listen to your voice and make the difference that only you can make.”

~ Kody Bateman

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There’s people in this life that at certain times only you can reach. Kody Bateman has powerful training that will help you tap into that genius within.
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Kody’s training and systems have impacted over 700,000 users over the past 10 years.In that time, Kody has conducted live relationship marketing and personal development training events around the world. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people on the concepts of “Finding and building the best version of you so you can give that away to the people you meet and serve”.

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Everyone can recall an instance where they experienced a prompting the strong need to act but didn’t. Kody Bateman is no exception except that he took an ignored prompting and turned it into a company and a philosophy for a successful life. In his book Promptings Kody uses stories to illustrate the significance of acting on your feelings the inner promptings, that inner voice that describes your uniqueness and significance, and the outer promptings, the impulses to reach out in kindness to those around you. Promptings guide you to your genius within, helping you make the difference only you can make in the world.

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When most people see the term “relationship marketing,” they tend to focus more on the second word than on the first. They want to know how they can market to “get” more business. But increasingly, the business world is beginning to realize the keys to building business are creating genuine relationships, appreciating your customers and clients, and networking to “give.” In his book The Power of Human Connection Kody Bateman shows how Relationship Marketing is transforming the way people succeed, and how you can leverage the model to create the same success for yourself.

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