Greeting Cards and Relationship Management Go Hand in Hand

Relationship management is the #1 thing that should be on any sales persons mind…period!

Furthermore, top salespeople will tell you “if your not following up with appreciation, building and maintaining relationships with your clients…someone else is!”

Most of all, one of the things I really enjoy, is teaching top salespeople all over the world how to use my Relationship Management service.

As a result, here is a story & video from a promoter of my Relationship Management service.

Watch as she shares with a Powersports Dealership how this online tool makes what Tim the owner of the dealership, already does by hand much easier.  Thereby, saving him time and money…

“When I first sat down in Tim’s office to explain this Relationship Management service, one of his salesmen delivered a package to his office. The package I previously sent to Tim through this service, just happened to be delivered the  same day I was scheduled to meet with him.  He was blown away by the card and especially, that I had added brownies.

As we chatted, he mentioned their dealerships are big on customer service. I asked how do you follow up with your customers, he then responded, we hand write Thank You’s at the end of the each month. I replied your right on track, however, I have a much easier wayWe talked more about the service and how they could put a photo of the customer on the front of the card and he loved the idea.

Nonetheless, Tim introduced me to the General Manager.

In conclusion, Tim and the Powersports Dealership will be sending hundreds of cards and brownies each month to their customers.

Check out the video of how much Tim loved the Card and Gift from Melinda…