Intentions: Manifestation Set In Concrete

Manifestation & Intention is Matt Zinman’s passion for making a difference to personally enrich the lives of at least 100 million people by 2025.

Matt earned his B.A. in Journalism from Temple University in 1989. He and Erica reside near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with their savvy teenagers, Jake and Greta.

Impressively, Matt’s new book, Z-isms: Insights to Live By, is based on his experiences as an:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Athlete
  • Single parent
  • Caregiver and
  • Nonprofit founder

Furthermore, Matt is the host of “Insights to Live By,” a podcast that invites guests to share their pearls of wisdom. He is also CEO of The Internship Institute, which he established in 2007 to “Make Experience Matter.”

“What you expect tends to happen” -Matt Zinman-

First off, Matt set his intentions in concrete, when he established Devotion, to personally enrich the lives of 100 million people by the year 2025.”

For sure, Matt’s concrete intentions set him on a path of guiding people through:

  • Influence
  • Coaching

Which dramatically helps people to better their lives through intentions!

Most importantly, a lot of Matt’s advice is how to be specific with your intentions, which in turn is the manifestation to the universe/God, whatever your belief may be.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about ‘I Am Statements!’ Teaching that clarity and belief in intentions should be stated as concrete as possible towards what you want and desire.

“The story in your mind becomes the story of your life” -Kody B.-

That is to say; mindset is more than half the battle!

Above all, intention and manifestation is belief. Expecting what you manifest will set your intentions to achieve daily steps towards long-term goals you have manifested.

However, don’t take my word for it; if you haven’t seen the above video, make sure to scroll up and learn how Matt Zinman is the master at manifestation and setting intentions in concrete!

In conclusion, thanks for joining me here on my blog and letting me be a positive influence in your life.

Take Care,

Kody B.