28 03, 2020

How Values and Mindset Align You For Success

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Values + Mindset = Life Skills for Success Values and mindset are life skills that are taught and, unfortunately, not taught in the educational systems of today! Hence why I'm super excited about this topic and guest on today's blog post. Jimmi Bradbury is an Executive Coach from Brisbane, Australia, and the Founder of 'Young Entrepreneurs Academy.' For the last 30 years, he has lived and worked around the world in places like New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Hong Kong, Manila, India, Dubai & London. Today, Jimmi loves to share [...]

13 03, 2020

How To Create Workplace Loyalty To Increase Millennial Employee Retention

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Workplace Loyalty With Millennial Employees Clint Pulver is the President and founder of The Center for Employee Retention. He is known as "The Millennial Speaker," helping organizations that want to retain, engage, and inspire their people.  As a result, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting workplace loyalty through his work and research as "The Undercover Millennial."  In addition, he has been a self-motivated entrepreneur who is well versed in business start-up, sales management, management training, and growing multi-million dollar accounts. Clint understands [...]

28 02, 2020

Mentorship Training For Network Marketing Businesses

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Network Marketing Businesses Eric Worre's career in the Network Marketing industry began in 1988.  As an author, trainer, and champion of the profession, Eric is merely unmatched with his level of: real-world experience in-depth knowledge uncompromising compassion absolute conviction Educating, invigorating, inspiring, and empowering Network Marketing Professionals. In 2009, Eric founded NetworkMarketingPro.com. Currently, it's the most-watched online training site in the Network Marketing Profession throughout 137 countries. Since its inception, Network Marketing Pro has produced a library of 1,500 plus, complimentary training videos. Training that encompasses dozens of topics and [...]

21 02, 2020

The Power Of Cold Calling Is Building Relationships

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 Cold Calling Success Comes From Building Relationships On my blog, I focus a lot on creating genuine relationships and what it means to do so. I teach, and my company exudes a "give to give" philosophy. Which, when applied, wards off rejection in sales and cold calling. "Give for the sake of giving, and serve for the sake of serving people genuinely" - Kody Bateman With all the above said, it doesn't mean you can't be a hardcore salesperson or go for the close using sales techniques that you've learned [...]

14 02, 2020

Connecting in Business Marketing Through Journaling

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Connecting Business through Visual Journaling and Storytelling Michelle has a passion for visual journaling and is also a social practice artist. She uses her abilities as a vehicle to inspire, educate, collaborate & strategically connecting and building relationships & brand. Micalizzi Art Projects are collaborative social practice art engagements. Michelle is an expert in building, marketing, and selling: award-winning programs business products concepts With strong personal entrepreneurial experience, she has proven to be both an excellent intrapreneur and entrepreneur whose drive for success benefits business connections from start-ups to well-established [...]

8 02, 2020

Entrepreneurial Skills For Leadership Development In Business

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Entrepreneurial Consulting and Leadership Skills Lynn Howard is an entrepreneur at heart; a cancer survivor turned inspiring business coach. She has become a shining, supportive beacon for aspiring: industrialists business professionals fledgling startups all over the world. Lynn believes that by helping business owners establish meaningful partnerships—and giving the tools to accomplish both their short and long-term goals—she can compel entrepreneurs to become better leaders within their respective communities. She understands that building an active business goes hand-in-hand with the growth and stability of the surrounding area, which is why [...]

31 01, 2020

Reciprocity Philosophy: Giving To Give Not Get

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Reciprocity Philosophy For Insurance Agencies Reciprocity masters Jerry and Janet Gadette, from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, are the masters of living this philosophy inside their insurance agency and following up with clients and customers with the right mindset. Both are successful in their own right, and have been married for 15 years and have nine grandchildren! Jerry started in Baseball at 18 years old and later went on to professional softball. He won four World Championships! Jerry was also a professional golfer in the mini-tour and won three tournaments as a [...]

18 01, 2020

Motivational: Getting to Know Your Personal Core Value And Belief Window

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Core Values and Beliefs Play a Motivational Role in Our Personal & Business Journey Core values and beliefs also play a motivational role in the Mackintosh family, who reside in Lehi, Utah. Devout Christians themselves, life took a twist when Scott and Becky found a teaching moment to instill a family 'core value' with their daughter and acted upon it. One thing for sure, they never expected a photo of a 'core value' teaching moment to go viral on social media! Scott and Becky's dynamic and down-to-earth content will inspire, [...]

3 01, 2020

Love Languages: Relationship Advice In Business

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Love Languages and Relationship Advice for couples in business together Love languages and Relationship Advice are essential to every couple personally, and even more critical when couples are in business together. Quite often, operating side by side with a spouse, business partner, or significant other can be difficult at times, if not lethal to their marriage or union. Today's focus blog is 'how to speak love languages,' with 'relationship advice' from Lee Chapman. Lee Chapman is a Relationship Consultant for couples who work within the same business. His background comes [...]

28 12, 2019

Effective Communication Across Generations

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Generations and Their Communication Gaps Communication can be difficult across many generation gaps. Therefore, building relationships with so many different generations is complicated. Indeed, it's critical to build and strengthen relationships within your occupation. Moreover, our occupations are our number one way to interact with other human beings. Similarly, we need to use our profession as a means of creating relationships. Generational specialist Anna Liotta My special guest on today's blog is Anna Liotta. A specialist that teaches how to relate to someone through their generational coding. Anna, being the youngest [...]


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