Connecting Business through Visual Journaling and Storytelling

Michelle has a passion for visual journaling and is also a social practice artist. She uses her abilities as a vehicle to inspire, educate, collaborate & strategically connecting and building relationships & brand. Micalizzi Art Projects are collaborative social practice art engagements.

Michelle is an expert in building, marketing, and selling:

  • award-winning programs
  • business products
  • concepts

With strong personal entrepreneurial experience, she has proven to be both an excellent intrapreneur and entrepreneur whose drive for success benefits business connections from start-ups to well-established national companies.  

Her extensive Financial Advisement experience helps her link marketing & growth activity to investor interest.

Michelle started her business (Relentless Talk Radio) five years ago. Relentless Talk Radio champions and encourages people to commit to health & fitness. As a result, Michelle’s radio show invites listeners to cultivate creativity in support of art and fashion. Also, shouts out inspired business concepts that are ready to explode, and charitable organizations on a mission to do more good.

Besides, Relentless Talk Radio is consciously tenacious, refusing to give up no matter what the odds. We persistent individuals have the relentless determination and insist on results. They believe in, and practice, continuous education, and improvement. As a result, they are unstoppable!

Relationship Management

First off, as you’ve heard in the video above, Michelle spends whatever time it takes to make a connection with someone to establish the know, like, and trust factor for personal and business reasons.

“Everything is about relationship management” -Michelle Micalizzi

Interestingly enough, we hear all the time that in life, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Furthermore, building relationships, whether it be for business or personal reasons, is all about relationship management.

Indeed there is nothing more personal than a prompting when connecting with someone; Michelle has got this figured out in a big way within her four topics of conversation pillars.

Michelle’s four pillars are:

  1. Art & Fashion
  2. Entrepreneurism
  3. Health & Fitness
  4. Philanthropy

Making business connections within these four pillars is her passion.

However, even more so is her “intention to lift and encourage others to discover their very best in themselves.” Michelle’s unique connection with clients is through the art of visual journaling, and visual storytelling.

Connection Through Your Uniqueness

Above all, I believe most people strive to make a genuine connection on a human level, encouraging, lifting, and connecting with those relationships. Every person has unique things that only they can do to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s up to us as individual human beings to listen to our promptings; promptings can make a positive impact on the lives of others during difficult times.

Certainly, reaching out to uplift other human beings is a responsibility we all must take very seriously. Consequently, the only way to be prepared to be the change the world so desperately needs is to be the best possible version of oneself and reach out in kindness; this my friends will cause an unbelievable ripple effect.

Lastly, dare to be yourself, pay no attention to the critics and naysayers because, through your uniqueness, people will naturally resonate with you.

Take care now,

Kody B.

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