Love Languages and Relationship Advice for couples in business together

Love languages and Relationship Advice are essential to every couple personally, and even more critical when couples are in business together. Quite often, operating side by side with a spouse, business partner, or significant other can be difficult at times, if not lethal to their marriage or union.

Today’s focus blog is ‘how to speak love languages,’ with ‘relationship advice’ from Lee Chapman.

Lee Chapman is a Relationship Consultant for couples who work within the same business. His background comes from experience in seeing marriages and partnerships break apart because of working so closely together.

Being a successful businessman and entrepreneur himself, he speaks to:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Church groups
  • Business students
  • Men and women

about the principles of life and business.

He has worked for some of Australia’s elite jewelers as a trade jeweler before going out on his own. In 2010 he started a gold buying business and, in his second year, turned over 3.2 million dollars single-handed. His company became the largest Perth Mint Distributor in South Australia by volume. 

It hasn’t always been this way; his path has been hard starting in rural South Australia, but through his journey, he has been able to inspire the many on being the best they can be. 

Currently, he is a relationship coach expanding into Running Men’s camps with the flair to educate and recharge married men wanting success in life and business through Survival skills, Personality, and mindset training. 

Relationships are the most important when in business

Relationships are the most important thing we build in life and starts when we are born, and we are all born with a love language.

First off, fixing yourself first is imperative, and the most important relationship to strengthen is with oneself. Consequently, when you strengthen and build a relationship with yourself, it enables you to understand and develop strong relationships with others. However, knowing the 5 love languages, in particular, the love language of your own significant other, is critical when you’re in business together. Indeed, this also applies to those men and women who are in business by themselves, and the spouse/partner is not supportive. The reason being, for success as a couple, it’s imperative to be connected with the same goals and expectations.

Coming from a place of experience, when your business partner is your significant other, it is easy to vent to one another. Certainly, venting is a challenge because venting can become negative, quickly causing misunderstood, or quite possibly hurt feelings. Lee’s relationship advice is to set perimeters on venting. Create borders to communicate with one another and resolve a challenge together. Most importantly, understanding the love language of the other person will significantly impact the results of the venting, and achieving a positive solution.

Setting perimeters with ground rules

Setting perimeters and ground rules such as:

  • Timing-Set up a time to have a discussion to resolve whatever the challenge is.
  • Place-Having a quiet place to enable one to one communication.
  • Consciousness-Being aware of one another’s feelings to stay in a positive state.

Furthermore, having ground rules will give you a positive way to assess the needs of the business partner, spouse, or significant other who is venting, leading to a successful resolution for both parties. 

Assessing the person you are talking to and how to speak to them is essential. Not to mention so many different aspects of evaluating a person’s need and love language.

Assessing things such as:

  • generation
  • gender
  • personality
  • love language

Every point of assessment is different and can make a huge difference in resolving a challenge and keeping the discussion productive.

Relationship advice from Lee is to concentrate on two things:

  1. 5  love languages
  2. Personality profile

“You can’t be the key to everyone’s door” Lee Chapman

Again coming from experience myself, life can get in the way, and giving top priority to your spouse, business partner, or significant other can help you resolve issues much more efficiently. Then again, assessing one’s own needs and your spouses’ needs first is the only way you can be of help to others. I relate this assessing to putting on your own oxygen mask first.

Prioritizing goals with business partners

Lee’s relationship advice is to block out times to have a discussion, organizing a six month period of goals and tending to them strictly, not allowing other people and their priorities to sidetrack your own.

Most importantly, Lee’s “why” is to help men in general with the massive issue of spousal breakdowns, which in turn ends in a business breakdown.

 “If you don’t have a rock-solid relationship with your partner, business is going to be a real struggle” Lee Chapman

He is the ‘Relationship coach’ and co-author of ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ and ‘Our Infinite Power to Heal’ and has personally experienced everything he teaches in avoiding relational mishaps within marriage, partnerships, and business.

In closing, most of you understand by now that I’m huge on nourishing self-relationship with oneself. Encouraging people to listen to their inner voice, teaching people to follow and act on their ‘inner promptings.’ Next would be the one Lee focuses on, which is relationships with spouses, and significant others primarily when they work together as business partners. When those two relationships are in check, it allows you to reach out and genuinely create relationships with other people; creating genuine relationships is getting more and more difficult as we see the human disconnect happening as technology grows.

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Take care,

Kody B.

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