Generations and Their Communication Gaps

Communication can be difficult across many generation gaps. Therefore, building relationships with so many different generations is complicated.

Indeed, it’s critical to build and strengthen relationships within your occupation. Moreover, our occupations are our number one way to interact with other human beings. Similarly, we need to use our profession as a means of creating relationships.

Generational specialist Anna Liotta

My special guest on today’s blog is Anna Liotta. A specialist that teaches how to relate to someone through their generational coding.

Anna, being the youngest girl of 19 children and the proud auntie of:

  • 56 nieces and nephews
  • 38 great-nieces and nephews

She survived and learned to thrive in a six-generation household and comes by her passion for understanding the generations organically.

Anna Liotta is the creator of Generationally Savvy Communication Solutions. And PRESIDENT of the National Speakers Association.

She’s also an award-winning:

  • speaker
  • consultant
  • author

Anna’s book, “Unlocking Generational Codes,” has sold over 40,000 copies. Generational expert Anna takes us on a journey of how members of each generation think, behave, and engage.

For instance, she teaches how to overcome the “generation gap” by teaching effective communication skills. Also, the development of meaningful relationships with members of all generations.

Listen in as Anna shares her practical strategies for attracting, growing, and retaining top talent and loyal clients from every generation…

Generational Sales

Speaking cross-generational to people of all different ages is essential in any business and any occupation. Especially when you want effective communication in sales and marketing. In addition, Anna Liotta’s book ‘Unlocking Generational Codes,’ couldn’t be more important to learn from as it is today. Each generation has a different way of communication, creating a gap in relating to people.

“Every generation has a generational code” Anna Liotta

Currently, assessment sales are what people in sales and marketing understand. However, there is another side to assessing the needs of your prospect; that’s determining their ‘generational code.’

The 5 Generational Codes

  1. 1927-1945 Traditionalists
  2. 1946-1964 Baby Boomers
  3. 1965-1977 Generation X
  4. 1978- 1999 Millennials
  5. 2000-2016 Globals

Above all, when you understand someone’s generational code, it brings focus on communicating effectively.

Consequently, you relate better to your prospect or customer, making your sales and marketing much more effective. One thing is for sure; building relationships is my passion and crusade to becoming a kinder gentler people. With that said, kindness and appreciation will make an impact on any generation and has never gone out of style!

In conclusion, the incredible interview above explains how to improve your generational communication skills. Subsequently, helping you to relate to your prospect from their generation; I want to encourage you to watch it if you haven’t yet, it’s life-changing. Even more important, it’s imperative to learn communication skills on how to generate genuine relationships within your personal and business lives.

Most importantly, thanks for your participation and for spending time with me on my blog. I love to hear from you, so don’t forget to comment, like, and share this post with those who could benefit.

Thanks again,

Kody B.