Reciprocity Philosophy For Insurance Agencies

Reciprocity masters Jerry and Janet Gadette, from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, are the masters of living this philosophy inside their insurance agency and following up with clients and customers with the right mindset.

Both are successful in their own right, and have been married for 15 years and have nine grandchildren!

Jerry started in Baseball at 18 years old and later went on to professional softball. He won four World Championships! Jerry was also a professional golfer in the mini-tour and won three tournaments as a professional. In the winter, he worked in the motion picture business as an apprentice, and after only three years, started doing movies.

Janet has been in the insurance industry as an agency owner for over 45 years! Her 3rd generation insurance business, The Peppler Agency, has a large clientele entirely based on relationships. Janet does not do any marketing and gets all-new clientele strictly from referrals. Building relationships with their clients ensures longer client retention. Janet ensures that clients feel extra special by incorporating the best of Relationship Marketing by using SendOutCards. Janet is also the president of the Detroit Dog Rescue; they have rescued over 800 dogs.

Learn specific things Janet does with her own Insurance Agency along with her husband, Jerry, who is one of the top relationship marketing experts in the world today…

Repeat Referral Marketing For Insurance Agencies

First off, there is a lot we can learn from Jerry and Janet about relationship marketing!

Jerry is the master of:

  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Helping

People to live relationship-building principles that naturally attract reciprocal referrals in business.

Janet’s 3rd generation family Insurance Agency:

  • has been around since 1932
  • has built a large client base

grown on relationships in its 40-year success.

Forty years ago, the Peppler Agency started small with very personal one on one relationships. Fast forward to when the agency was handed down to Janet; she soon found a need to find a way to keep current and new relationships growing strong.

Before meeting Jerry, Janet had no system in place to keep in touch with her people and prospects. After meeting Jerry, she implemented the SendOutCards system. Now, everyone who comes in gets a personal “Thank You” card and possibly brownies within the week to show their appreciation for the business, cementing the relationship.

There is no need for her to market to people she doesn’t know because of referrals come from current customers and relationships they want to build by looking out for their best interest.

Best of all, Janet does ZERO marketing!

Reciprocal Marketing at it’s finest

Janet and Jerry are in the top 3% of people in a business that show appreciation with a tangible greeting card.

So why don’t the other 97% of business owners/salespeople do it?

They think:

  1.  it’s time-consuming
  2.  costs to much

Well, I’m here to tell you folks, along with the Gadett’s and many other people using the SendOutCards system, it’s quite the opposite!

As a matter of fact, you can’t afford NOT to send cards of kindness, appreciation, and gratitude celebrating those who give business to you!

SendOutCards is the Premier relationship marketing system in the world today; by teaching people to act on promptings we encourage the law of reciprocation.

If you are looking to implement relationship marketing at it’s very best, here are the principles to adhere to:

  • Give for the authentic sake of giving
  • Say thank you for the sole purpose to say thank you
  • Share appreciation to share appreciation genuinely

Most of all, detach from the outcome by being kind to people and allowing the beautiful law of reciprocity to work on its own.

Indeed we have stories from insurance agencies plus a myriad of many different industries; when using the system with the philosophy mentioned above, that received phenomenal results.

Scroll up and watch this incredible interview above for more detailed information on how to use SendOutCards in your Insurance Agency or any business for that matter you’ll be glad you did.

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Kody B.