28 02, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Health & Fitness Professional

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This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Fitness Professional and WNBF Pro Wendy Hyatt. Wendy will share her amazing story and how she's leveraging a strategic relationship marketing strategy to inspire her clients to stay on track and keep them motivated on their own personal health and fitness journey.

21 02, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: UK Publisher & Media Consultant

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This week's show I interview United Kingdom Publisher & Media consultant, Adam Redshaw. Adam will discuss how he leverages his relationship marketing strategy to connect and build relationships with his service providers, contributors. and international subscribers.

14 02, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Sales Psychologist

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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Sales Psychologist Dr. Nancy Zare.  Learn how she helps her clients prepare for the first time they meet with someone, build rapport quickly, effectively, and authentically, as well as get a 2nd chance with the clients that get away. She’ll explain how she personally leverages a relationship marketing strategy in her practice. She'll share two incredible stories that have resulted in $20,000 in business in the first two months of 2018!

7 02, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Car Sales Professional

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Ever wonder why some automotive salespersons sell 30 cars per month compared to the average of 8-10 per month? The answer will surprise you! Today I interview 2nd generation, 20-year car sales professional Chris Kendall! Chris will explain how old school principals and relationship marketing strategies give him, and other top producers, the competitive edge in the new age of technology, apps, and online automotive sites

31 01, 2018

Why Follow Up Is Not About The Sale, It’s About Personal Connection

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Why would a national real estate franchisor require all his franchisees to incorporate a relationship marketing system and follow-up strategy to join his company? Follow builds "relationships" period! I interviewed President and CEO of City2Shore National Franchises, Ryan Kelley. Ryan shared in detail the power of follow up. He shared how connecting and celebrating with a real tangible touch has been effective it's been for his company. There are some incredible, impactful stories and philosophies about being nice to people, about being kind and considerate of other people, and how [...]

24 01, 2018

Strategic Marketing Trends For Word Of Mouth Referrals

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Marketing trends are so much more effective when you focus on relations instead of transactions. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dee Meacham of iTooth Dental in Cupertino, CA. Dee explains how her office incorporated a relationship marketing strategy that has created a major shift in their patient relationships. This will absolutely amaze you how effective this simple Marketing Trend is...   Kindness it's a simple concept, and it’s one that a lot of times we take for granted. This blog is all about one thing. It’s about teaching people [...]

17 01, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Manufacturer Rep

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You’re a manufacturer’s rep, and you’re one of many that make sales calls on multiple locations every single day to get your product line in that location… How do you get noticed and stand out from hundreds of other reps that call on the same locations with a competitive line... On this week's Relationship Marketing Weekly, I interview Outside Manufacturer Sales Rep John Endries. John explains how through a cost-effective relationship marketing strategy, and thinking outside the box, it gives him an extremely competitive edge and helps him stand out [...]

10 01, 2018

Marketing Plan For B2C That Gets Results

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You just purchased an established business or franchise, you have a very tight marketing budget, what’s your next step? Marketing Plan success! New franchise owner Debbie Miller from Greensburg, PA explains how she launched her new business Marketing Plan. Check out her relationship marketing campaign that generated over $5,000 in two weeks, for less than $400. In today's world, there are very unique industries. I had an excellent opportunity to acquire some fantastic insight from a brand new franchise owner! Debbie is like 30 days into her marketing plan, using [...]

3 01, 2018

Relationship Marketing Weekly: 2018 Game Plan

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On this week's Relationship Marketing Weekly, I discuss the importance of creating a “2018 Game Plan” to strengthen loyalty and goodwill with your current customers, clients, and contact sphere and how this will double your business with a simple and easy to follow strategy... Ten times your T, and double your B! Hey everybody. This is Kody B. Welcome to a special edition of Relationship Marketing Weekly. It is a brand new year, 2018, January 3rd. Great opportunity for us to kind of reminisce a little bit and talk about [...]

20 12, 2017

Relationship Marketing Weekly: Entrepreneur Edition

By |2018-07-18T01:38:36+00:00December 20th, 2017|Success Stories|

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Speaker, Trainer, Sales Manager, Movie Producer, and World Class Magician, Jeff Ezell. Jeff will explain how he incorporates relationship marketing in all aspects of his professional and personal life. Jeff has an amazing story and he’ll share how he educates others on the value of relationship marketing, showing appreciation, creating strong relationships, and how to live every day to the fullest... Kody Bateman: Hey everybody. This is Kody Bateman here and welcome to our Relationship Marketing Show. December 20th, we are five days away [...]


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