Why would a national real estate franchisor require all his franchisees to incorporate a relationship marketing system and follow-up strategy to join his company?

Follow builds “relationships” period!

I interviewed President and CEO of City2Shore National Franchises, Ryan Kelley. Ryan shared in detail the power of follow up. He shared how connecting and celebrating with a real tangible touch has been effective it’s been for his company.

There are some incredible, impactful stories and philosophies about being nice to people, about being kind and considerate of other people, and how it can help you in your business and personal life.

I was once involved with a startup franchise deal. I know very well the work that it takes to get a franchise started. I’ve got to take my hat off to those in this industry. Knowing the process you have to go through; follow-up on a personal level is critical!

So imagine the power of a real tangible touch that physically shows up in the mail. This effective follow-up is gaining more and more strength today than ever before. We live in a digital-based world, everything is email, and social media and everyone is bombarded with stuff, for lack of a better word.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Obviously, as with any business, there has to be a follow-up process. This follow-up process should add an additional layer of personal touch. Meaning, the follow-up is not necessarily only about closing the sale but more focused on building personal relationships.

It’s about creating that relationship and reaching out in a manner that shows that you actually want to know who that person is. You want to get involved with them on a personal level because that’s what creates longevity in any business.

Remember, when you’re following up with heartfelt cards, it needs to come from a different intention! Simply put, this intention is not about your product, service or even the card for that matter, it’s about the person receiving the card. Can you feel the difference?

Being successful in any business is about the connections that you can make with people. So when you approach the use of this product as in developing that authentic relationship with your clients, family, friends and those around you, they can feel the authenticity.

Again, it’s about communication and strengthening the bond between people.

It’s a big deal, especially when it comes from authenticity, people understand the difference. So you have to set an intention in your heart to be grateful when you send these because it shines through.

Authentic relationships are built whether or not someone does business with you.

Compartmentalizing your relationships into what value you think you can draw from is dangerous. Don’t get me wrong; it’s ok to ask for the sale, essential to ask for referrals or to be introduced to someone your prospect or customer knows and OK to ask for these things. However, it’s much more potent if you have a relationship with someone who knows, likes and trusts you at the time you ask.

Being genuine and building a bond to a secure connection, could make your business this year. Create an intention to develop an attitude of gratitude when it comes to celebrating other people’s lives, and the magic starts happening. The results are remarkable, but it’s the intention. It’s the intention that draws the type of result that you might have perceived you wanted in the beginning.

Business comes from people. Cars don’t sell themselves. Houses don’t sell themselves. Franchises don’t sell themselves. Authenticity sells those things.

So all of you who are listening in, share this thing, man. Share this show with everybody. This is powerful, powerful stuff.

Thanks, everybody. Take care now.

Kody B.