You just purchased an established business or franchise, you have a very tight marketing budget, what’s your next step?

Marketing Plan success! New franchise owner Debbie Miller from Greensburg, PA explains how she launched her new business Marketing Plan. Check out her relationship marketing campaign that generated over $5,000 in two weeks, for less than $400.

In today’s world, there are very unique industries. I had an excellent opportunity to acquire some fantastic insight from a brand new franchise owner!

Debbie is like 30 days into her marketing plan, using a service that helps her implement relationship marketing and already got quick, phenomenal results.

Typically when you own a franchise, the person selling the franchise recommends ways to advertise and market your store and service in the marketplace. They suggest various marketing practices, and as long as you abide by the logo standards and what not, then you are able to proceed with most of the marketing tactics that you might envision.

Some great ways to market are;

  • face-to-face marketing
  • community events
  • festivals
  • mailers

Although these can all be successful, why not think outside the box…or maybe I should say inside the mailbox. Do something different than what your competition does.

Mining your existing database…

Most people say, “Well, what new people can I go find?” They advertise to bring in new people. Imagine the difference if you look within your existing database.

Look, everybody is on a budget when they put together a marketing plan. The most cost-effective marketing is to mine your repeat & referral customers. These are customers who you have worked with in the past and personally know or customers that haven’t been to your place of business in some time. Your marketing plan should also include those that have had a great experience while at your store. The drive and motivation of putting together a VIP list should be the focus of your marketing campaign.

The reason why coupons are a great marketing plan, is because they are trackable!

Now I’m gonna give you some easy math. Debbie’s marketing plan was to send out 500 postcards designed as coupons.

So, if Debbie sent out 500 postcards/coupons and 50 of these postcard/coupons came back, what percentage of return did that bring?

A remarkable 10%, a 10% response rate that generated $5000 in incremental sales within a 2-week span of time. Unbelievable!

She attributes that success to;

  • timing and;
  • ease of system

So this just goes to show you there are no excuses out there business owners. I mean Debbie was nine months pregnant when she put this marketing plan into drive.  It’s really cool.

Bulk mailing vs. direct mail pieces

The difference between bulk mailing of direct mail pieces and the SendOutCards system is personal customization. It’s imperative to get personal and customize it to the person you’re sending to.

What you’ll find this system brings you a very unique customer service level that really separates you from competition, bringing you repeat business that runs circles around the competition.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, with all the businesses I’ve helped, hundreds of thousands of companies over the last 15 years, I know as well as you sit here reading this, that you will be massively successful with this marketing plan.

At the end of the day, we just want to help businesses be kind to their customers. That’s all we do. “What you send out in life is what comes back to you.” So if you’re nice to people, they’re going to be nice to you.

No rocket science here. It’s the most effective marketing system and marketing plan in the world using common sense principles.

I appreciate your time,

Kody B

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