The Power of Human Connection

How Relationship Marketing is Transforming the Way People Succeed

by Kody Bateman | Foreword by Ivan Misner, Ph.D

When most people see the term relationship marketing, they tend to focus more on the second word than on the first. They want to know how they can market to get more business. But increasingly, the business world is beginning to realize the key to building business is creating genuine relationships, appreciating your customers and clients, and networking to give.

The key is to focus on relationship 80 percent of the time and marketing 20 percent of the time. Kody highlights many success stories from people across a wide range of business niches who have implemented his relationship marketing principles with tremendous success.

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With several bonus chapters, Kody also shares personal development principles that help you nourish your relationship with self.

The core theme of his message is to find out the best version of who you are and give yourself away to others.

This comprehensive collection of relationship marketing principles will teach you:

  • What relationship marketing really is

  • How relationship marketing works within traditional sales and marketing

  • Why the relationship you build with yourself is most important

  • How the power of human connection can bring the world together

  • How relationship marketing is transforming the way people succeed