Visionary goals and having them are critical to success in a new startup

Being a visionary myself, I totally understand how frustrating a startup can be when it comes to achieving business goals. Setting the bar high with a big vision definitely helps you to stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Meet Lewis Howes, he is a celebrity and I’m certainly a huge fan! His big vision is to have a million downloads of his podcast every week. Although he has hit 100 million in 6 years, his ongoing goal is not achieved as of yet. However, since startup, and still today he strives to stay on focus with a commitment to achieving this goal.

I was super excited to interview and learn from him. This guy is in high demand, and on a level most aspire to get to.

His message is right in alignment with mine in that I believe in always looking to help people by giving and serving, especially with heartfelt messages through the service I offer with SendOutCards.

Lewis is the creator of:

  • ‘The School of Greatness’ Apple Podcast
  • Author of  ‘The School of Greatness’ and;
  • His newest book ‘The Mask of Masculinity’
  • Contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Featured on many shows and many media outlets

His podcast is ranked in the top 100 with over 800 episodes and 100 million downloads.

Since 2013 he attributes this high level of success to:

  1. Being clear on your vision
  2. Commitment to consistency
  3. Creating genuine friendships

Listen in as Lewis Howes teaches us … “Building quality relationships and our ability to enroll someone in our vision is what sets us apart. It also determines whether we are able to make something happen or not. In order for someone to get on board with us, we need to be able to communicate what it is we want and what our vision is.”

Importance of having a big vision

I’m so impressed by Lewis and his vision. More importantly, not just a vision but being a BIG visionary!

As a visionary, millions of people reaching out in kindness and appreciation has been my big vision from day one with SendOutCards being the vehicle or tool if you will. Simply put, achieving the success you want starts with you and one other person and then growing into the vision you see.

Staying committed to your vision for the long haul is imperative. Most success does not happen overnight. Consequently, failure happens by giving up when:

  • It’s challenging
  • Momentum isn’t moving fast
  • It’s not fun anymore
  • There’s no money coming in

First and foremost, what we need to remember during startup downtimes the show must go on!

It begins with relationships

From the very beginning, we must show that we care about the people that can bring our vision to fruition, and I mean truly care not just pretend. This is accomplished by connecting with what someone cares about the most and support them with that thing.

Doing research on whomever you’re looking to connect with is a great way to start off a relationship. Do this by observing them and paying attention to what it is they are talking about on social media. Also, by researching what they are doing and what their passion and goals are.

Relationship management is mostly your own responsibility. It only makes sense that it’s near impossible to have someone else build a relationship for you. Building a relationship is all about building friendships.

Friendships are created by:

    • Always adding value
    • Not asking for anything in return
    • Being of service to others and
    • Genuinely being a great person

A visionary will focus on how they want to show up in the world and the friendships they create will have a huge impact on how the business goal is achieved.

Lastly, giving of yourself can dramatically affect other people’s lives. By giving yourself away in serving and appreciating other human beings, not only are you changing the lives of the people you serve, but you are also changing the face of your business and more importantly how you show up in the world.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog!

See you next time,

Kody B.