Skillsets Needed To Build Relationships While Selling

Learn dynamic skillsets to take ailing sales organizations and bring them back to life by diagnosing and treating the symptoms that are not working within the selling process.

Meet Dr. Jerome Gafford, Ph.D., “THE SALES DOCTOR” he brings over 35 years of sales, sales training, and executive leadership development experience to your organization. 

His ‘Cut, The fluff, Give You The Stuff’ presentation style will help your organization move from Status Quo to Status GO!! 

“Struggling sales organizations suffer from many of the same primary “AILMENTS.”

To address these conditions, Dr. Jerome works with the team to:

  • “DIAGNOSE” the symptoms
  • develop a “TREATMENT PROGRAM”
  • provide “PATIENT” follow-up 

To ensure the correction of the issues and make sure the recovery process is performing well for the organization.

Join the interview below to learn what skill sets are needed to fix an ailing sales organization… 

Basic Skillsets For Sales

For sure, there are basic skillsets needed, when in any type of selling.

With that said, Jerome is the best at helping salespeople and sales organizations discover what is not working. Also, he’s the best at:

  • Diagnosing what is ailing within an organization.
  • Treating the symptoms that are ailing them.
  • Follow-up to keep the organization healthy.

Currently, with the COVID-19 pandemic and what has become the “new normal,” we are finding that we need to adjust the selling process with skills such as working on online webinars. Consequently, virtual selling is here to stay, and it’s essential to master the skillset moving forward, at least for another year.

Most importantly, it’s critical to understand how to work with customers over a virtual environment doing:

  • Interviews
  • Needs assessments
  • Presentations

Pretty much, learning virtual technology and how to establish relationships with customers by understanding what’s important to them during the selling process.

As a result, sales organizations and businesses are going to take what is working virtually as an opportunity to run their businesses more efficiently in some measure.

Jerome talks about this and more in the above interview, so be sure to take a listen!

Take Care,

Kody B.

P.S. Jerome will be a guest speaker @ my Relationship Marketing Grand Summit in September 2020, reserve your seat below…

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