Holistic Health and Healing For Relational Wellness

Jana is an influencer in the Health and Wellness industry and serves as a Practitioner of:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Motivational Speaker and;
  • Bestselling author

Jana is the author and host of the book and Podcast: Oh, My Health… There is HOPE! And the editor of Best Holistic Life Magazine.

On her podcast, Oh, My Health… There is Hope!, health influencers around the world share inspirational stories and tips on healing naturally. 

She is the founder of both Health Influencers Mastermind and Best Holistic Life. Both of these platforms educate on holistic lifestyles and shine a light on real experts with a passion and desire to serve, educate, and be seen as significant influencers. 

As a seasoned coach and public speaker, her ability to effectively communicate and process information is crucial in giving her clients an opportunity to:

  • communicate
  • evaluate
  • understand

In their lives, the importance of healthy living.

More importantly, her vast expertise in mindset coaching allows her to help people open doors that may seem locked but have always been available. 

After being told she wouldn’t survive, Jana tells her story of desperation during a fatal health crisis to find holistic health answers; Not for survival, but instead, searching for holistic health and wellness answers to create memories with her grandchildren.

Listen in to learn how, not only how she beat the odds and survived, but how she has successfully created one beautiful memory one day at a time through health and wellness…

Health and Wellness through Promptings

First off, much appreciation to all of you striving to become better human beings by becoming the best version of yourself. More importantly, giving of yourself to other people.

Currently, the world needs your:

  • Kindness
  • Generosity
  • Genuineness
  • Authenticity

And that’s what you bring to the table!

In my book, Promptings, it’s all about acting on promptings and reaching out in kindness and making human connections.

There are two types of promptings:

  1. Inner prompting: Your inner voice that tells you who you are as a person.
  2. Outer prompting: Your external voice that tells you what to do with who you are.

 Inner Promptings and the Hybrid Approach to Health

Indeed, when you’re in tune with your promptings and intuition your body gives you, you’re going to know how to handle your health through ailments and sickness better than anybody. On the other hand, there is definitely a place for modern medicine.

Jana’s response to this comment was “ABSOLUTELY” there is truth in that statement!

That is to say; our bodies give us several different intuitive signals in advance. These are intuitive inner promptings that warn us; something just isn’t in the norm. Most importantly, when we ignore these signals, our bodies give us physical symptoms to get our attention.

Think of holistic and pharmaceutical as a hybrid solution. Natural, holistic products support our bodies, giving us what the body needs to push illness away, hopefully. However, once contracted, a disease will need other types of medications to help fight off what our immune systems cannot. Afterward, when off the medication, we continue supporting our bodies with holistic products like vitamins and exercise for continued health.

Above all, listening to your inner prompting and intuition is critical, along with acting on these feelings promptly to avoid illnesses if possible.

Hope Creates a Ripple Effect

Similarly, just as holistic methods are essential for our health and wellness, within the realms of:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

Health, it is also imperative for creating ‘RELATIONAL’ health.

Likewise, is sharing our stories with those that need to hear them at any given time, inspiring Hope in the lives we touch, creating a ripple effect in human connection, and, most importantly, these five realms of health.

In short, as Jana shared with us in the video above, listening to your inner voice allows you the opportunity to share your story! Moreover, to share your story of Hope in whatever capacity you bring in helping people to connect on a human level through the thoughts and needs of other people.

Lastly, I believe that relational health and wellness is a missed mark. Yes, balance in relational, is just as critical to our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. In other words, as the pandemic of 2020 has proven, people crave connections with other human beings!

Take Care,

Kody B.