CRM Stands for Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management provides business solutions to improve interaction with current, past prospects & customer sales.  It’s hard enough to track and manage sales and engagements let alone maintain and build upon the relationship between salesperson and customer.

There is always a competitor lurking around the corner!  If you customer ends up in the arms of that competitor…Then you just learned how misplacing customer contacts and their information delayed your sale and pushed your client into the arms of a competitor.

Now is the perfect time to throw away your excel spreadsheets and get with the times of technology! CRM’s are cloud based and with this technology, have created CRM solutions for business owners and people in sales.

Here are 6 Fundamentals of CRM (customer relationship management)

  1. Systematize customer information
  2. Store business and prospecting information
  3. Automate and aid marketing Communications
  4. Track customers and prospects
  5. Evaluate and analyze data
  6. Empower perceptive customer service

#3 Shows It’s simply not just about managing customers…

Managing and maximizing prospect/customer relations should be a #1 priority!

Prospects don’t start out as customers…they start out as prospects! A CRM can help a salesperson to organize their list of prospects and prospects that turned into customers.  Once a customer is established, you must have a way to stay connected and build upon those relationships for long term.  Simply put…building trust and loyalty for longevity 🙂

Are you ready for the most effective way to do this?

Greeting Cards!  I know, I know your asking yourself  “but isn’t that old school”?

It’s been proven over long periods of time that this works!!!  Not only does it work to turn a prospect into a client/customer for longevity, it also spurs on referrals of, and you guessed it folks…YOU and YOUR service!

Old school meets technology!  This system can integrate with your current CRM or you can use it along side if you wish.

However, there are many CRM’s that are in the process of integrating with the SendOutCards system! (check with your CRM provider to find out if they are one of them)

Meanwhile, I want to share with you a simple 5 touch campaign that is highly effective in taking that new prospect to a new customer.  Creating a “customer relationship management” process that has your new customer coming back to you for their needs over and over again!

Here are the 5 touches:

  1. Thank You Card
  2. Birthday Card
  3. Holiday
  4. Anniversary
  5. Promo (what’s new, add value, educate etc…)

Here’s what will happen if you use this system inside of or along with your CRM…

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