Empowering Women By Elevating Self-Confidence

To start with, empowerment and self-confidence is the most important, message on this blog…

“Empowerment and self-confidence are created when you take a genuine interest in other people.

Therefore, you will love my guest Erin Baer in the interview below!

Courageously, she is a brave survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, and currently a thriving entrepreneur, living her passion as an:

  • Author speaker
  • Empowerment coach

As an author, Erin’s book ‘From Beaten To Badass’ shares Erin’s story of grace and grit on her way to recovery.

Indeed, her powerfully worded memoir gives women and readers the

  • Strength
  • Hope
  • Courage

To keep going, in addition to encouraging them to become the badass women/people, they are meant to be.

Learn how Erin empowers women with her story of struggles from being bullied and beaten, to honoring her inner badass…

Empowerment Comes From Self-Confidence

Impressively, Erin’s courage to share her struggle with hardship, trial, and tribulation started at a very young age.

Growing up, Erin struggled with:

  • Childhood bullying
  • Being on her own at 14 yrs of age
  • Overcoming domestic violence
  • Surviving sexual abuse

Inspiring her to speak out and empower women on how to overcome challenges and find their inner ‘badass.’

“Circumstances do not define you, you’re a badass, and you just have to get back up”  ~Erin Baer~

Above all, Erin’s drive came from people that God put in her path.

As a result, Erin coaches women and men alike teaching ‘Empowerment’ with what she learned from acquiring and implementing:

  • Acceptance
  • Strength
  • Faith

I invite you to watch the interview above if you haven’t already, you’ll be glad you did!

Take care,

Kody B.

P.S. Join Erin at our 2nd Annual RMGS Sept 9th & 10th 2020 done virtually! Register by clicking on the image below!

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