Authentic Relations Done Virtually

Authentic relations in business are built by being genuinely authentic as a lifestyle, not by turning it on and off like a light switch!

For instance, in today’s modern-day marketing realm of virtual networking, the subject of ‘authentic relations’ couldn’t be more critical to business owners & professional salespeople.

Let me introduce the international and best-selling author of ‘Selling From The Heart’ Larry Levine. Larry is the master at building authentic relationships and has 30 years of experience in the world of the B2B technology space. Most importantly, he knows what it takes to be a successful sales professional.

Indeed, the title alone ‘Selling From the Heart,’ shows what an important topic ‘creating genuine relations’ is in today’s virtual world.

Watch this exclusive interview to learn how to build authentic relations in business and sales…

Virtual Sales By Intention

One would think, in this virtual world, that it’s much more challenging to build authentic relations; But that is not the case!

“If you fail to invest, you can never collect” ~Larry Levine~

For sure, Larry couldn’t be more right, and here’s why; Giving to give with a servant’s heart is at its very core, investing in authentic business relations.

That is to say, “give with no expectation of getting anything in return, by setting your intentions to give not get.”

Above all Larry learned if he didn’t have any customers, he didn’t have any sales. As a result, he flipped everything he knew about sales and did the polar opposite.

Rather than doing what all the other salespeople in his marketplace were doing he:

  • Shows how much he cares about his customers
  • Makes prospects feel extremely comfortable
  • Invites the buyer into conversations

By doing this, his prospects become more comfortable in sharing what’s going on inside their office.

Relational Sales

Typically, when a person is in the buyers’ chair, they are busy thinking of other things like what else they should be doing and such.

Most importantly, by starting a conversation, it breaks the ice and grabs the prospect’s attention which makes the sales process more human to human.

In addition, there is power in making the conversation about the prospect/customer. By doing so, you will increase relations with these people, which in turn increases your overall sales.

Lastly, Larry teaches salespeople how to turn off the “sales speak” and quit jockeying for position because the customer is a person just like yourself!

Thanks for joining me,

Kody B.

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