Creating Habits of Prosperity

Today’s guest is from a special episode of the ‘Global Kindness Workshop’ series, featuring Super Dave Smith, the master of creating systems to encourage habits and create prosperity even during pandemic times.

Join Dave and I as we talk about creating habits of prosperity. We look back on our past and discuss the differences between current and past systems that help develop habits.

In today’s technology-filled world, it is easy to get caught up in all the new tools and decipher which ones will benefit you in your daily activities.

Watch this interview and learn how keeping things simple, and creating daily habits you can live by, will go a long way in your success and prosperity… 

Silver Lining

Yes, finding the silver lining, is choosing to look at a glass half full rather than half empty; during a pandemic especially! In today’s world, it’s more about who’s filling up the glass!

Choices are especially important when looking for the silver lining in life, especially during a pandemic like we are experiencing throughout the world today. It’s super critical for you to make a conscious decision to fill up your own glass of possibilities for prosperity.

It’s not about the:

  •  “Destination, it’s about the journey.”
  •  “Outcomes, it’s about daily activities.”

However, what it ‘IS’ about is the inspiration, but it’s more about systems!

Creating Habits for Prosperity

For sure, Modern-day gamification is taking business building systems to a whole new level. Now, don’t mistake this with certain fundamentals it takes to build a business. Gamification of daily activities enhances our experience and helps us to create habits that keep us consistent with productive activities.

Most importantly, these daily habits apply to any type of sales position and business in any industry!

Look, it doesn’t matter what you do; there has to be some kind of building system that builds prosperity.

For Dave, it was vital to have a system that allowed him to see his progress. It’s apparent that he has a talent for building and consistently using systems for the sole purpose of seeing his progress. Systems help him to see what he could do differently, allowing him to be more successful on his journey and projects.

Indeed reading has been one of the daily habits I have created on my quest for prosperity. I’d like to recommend a great read called ‘Atomic Habits’. Basically, it’s about how James gamified the fundamentals and daily habits of creating prosperity and how he used his visual habit tracker daily.

“Be conscious about getting to sub-conscious activity” -James Cleary-

Lastly, we live in a world that has gamified everything. To the younger generations, it’s become second nature because they have grown up this way. For sure, gamification is a good thing, and it’s not going away. I guess what I’m saying is life has a way of forcing us to accept systems, and we need to embrace utilize and visualize our destination while enjoying the journey to prosperity.

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Kody B.