Motivation Through Holistic Healing & Promptings

First off, my Relationship Marketing blog has always been about helping people become aware of what a prompting is, and inspire motivation to act on their promptings and why it’s essential.

Presently, I’m making a shift in my blog to focus and speak more on promptings.

Promptings and teaching about them is my passion and clear purpose not only in my business but in my personal life as well. Sadly, my passion developed from not acting on a prompting myself a few years back. I had excused a prompting to say goodbye to my brother.

Consequently, this prompting would be the last one I would receive in conjunction with my brother. Fast forward to when I learned he had passed away, and I would no longer be able to express the love I had for him in person.

Vowing never again to miss a chance to act on a prompting, has inspired me to encourage others not to excuse or pass up on a prompting to reach out in kindness. We have 60 seconds or less when a prompting comes to decide whether or not we are going to act on it.

Hence, this is how SendOutCards came to fruition. I want to invite you to read my very first book, ‘Promptings,’ to learn more about my story and mission in its entirety. Promptings, Relationship Marketing, Making a difference

Today’s guest is Angela Hatfield Harris. Angela is a military wife of 22 years, with three almost-grown children, and military mom living in Columbus, Ohio. 

Angela is a dance teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. Her dance career has taken her from small to mega dance studios across the Midwest, South, and East Coast. 

Angela is Co-Owner/Director of The Energy Source Dance Experience. An in-studio dance convention with guest artists from all over the US.  

Angela is also a certified mentor with HeartMath. HeartMath is teaching thousands of personnel in the U.S. Armed Forces how to use its science-based tools and technology to self-regulate their emotions and build energy and resilience, whether they are awaiting deployment or are in theater…

Personal Development at its finest

Experience in today’s business world is all relative when it comes to sales and marketing. Entrepreneurs who run  businesses and create clientele deal with:

  • stresses
  • emotions and;
  • relationships

that go awry.

Angela teaches people in business, motivation through self-regulation. Regulation for one’s self through holistic healing, to be exact.

Promptings, to be more specific,inner promptings’ are Angela’s passion. Her mission is teaching people to ‘Live from their heart in coherence with both their heart & head,” relieving the stress and anxieties within running a business.

HeartMath is essentially holistic healing with tools such as:

  • essential oils
  • meditation
  • sound vats
  • singing bowls
  • heart masks

which all help with holistic health and motivation for progressing in their journey of life.

Holistic health and healing

Tying everything Angela teaches to what I love to teach comes down to promptings. Like I said above, a prompting is an inner voice of the heart that tells us who we are and what we ought to be doing. Furthermore, promptings can also put pressure on a person because it’s not always comfortable to act on one.

HeartMath was a program initially developed for Navy Seals. A program that with the right tools will allow them when under pressure to make continued cognitive proper decisions. HeartMaths holistic health tools have now adapted to all walks of life.

HeartMath has proven, holistic healing, that improves general health and well being. People see a 40% decrease in depression and fewer sick days for employees. Pretty impressive!

“HeartMath is bringing peace and love to the world one heart at a time,” facilitating wellness through stress management and emotional self-regulation.

Personally, I believe that emotional self-regulation is everything! Emotions are involved in everything we do, why we do it, and how we do it. Emotional strength and control is quite possibly the most crucial thing in our lives to stay true to ourselves, and motivation to reach our true potential.

Gosh, I could go on and on, on this subject of motivation to self-regulate because it can literally change a person’s world.

I encourage you to watch the video above if you haven’t already to learn tips, techniques, and motivation on how to self-regulate your emotions with holistic health.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog, and would also love to know you got so much value that your inspired to share this with your world.

Thanks again,

Kody B.

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