Employee engagement establishes an influential workplace culture

Employers should be in a position to engage with and be of service to employees. Serving creates a workplace culture where people feel valued and a part of a positive environment. Challenges come when employers demand strong work ethics and the balancing of the employee staying true to the vision and yet allow the employees the freedom of creativity with their talents and skills.

As an entrepreneur, building relationships with not only employees but all human beings is undoubtedly an all-time trend. Not only is it trending, but it also has never gone out of style. Matter of fact, it’s the key to success in all facets of time. In business, we talk about ROI, referrals, and such; all of this is good, but at the end of the day, it’s all about genuine relationships and genuinely caring about people personally and from a business standpoint.

Eric Chester is the featured guest on today’s blog.

I had the pleasure of learning from Eric, a trusted source in the global dialogue on employee engagement, workplace culture, and the emerging generation. 

Since 1986, Eric’s been in the trenches:

  • researching 
  • studying
  •  speaking

 and writing about these topics.

Eric was one of the first authors to spell out the radical differences of the post-Gen X workforce in his 2002 bestseller, Employing Generation Why: Understanding, Managing and Motivating Your New Workforce. Companies discovered that Eric had cracked the code on the emerging generation and sought his advice on how to connect with young employees.

Eric became one of North America’s most in-demand conference keynote speakers, presenting at more than 60 meetings and conventions each year. That number increased when his follow-up book, Getting Them to Give a Damn: How to Get Your Front Line to Care About Your Bottom Line, was released in 2005.

In the interview below, you’ll hear from Eric Chester, known as the Leading Voice on Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture…

Balancing relationships in the workplace

Thanks for joining me on this week’s blog post.

I hope I’m providing the service you need to get better at your craft. Educating ourselves is essential, especially when it comes to the latest trends in relationship marketing. Not only is relationship marketing trending, but it’s also all-time trending.

However, today, I’m focusing on the employer to employee and vice versa relationship building.

As an employer, the process of properly onboarding and retaining employees is a complicated thing. This topic is a big deal in my office as I have had to build relationships with both Gen X and Millennial employees. Entitlement, unfortunately, is a big challenge for young employees. Back in the day, I considered opportunities a privilege and knew that I had to work hard to prove myself in order to have a chance at it. Most young people today are entitled and think they deserve the top without earning it.

Take a look at 1989, where the Bureau of Labor Standards reported that 55% of 16-19-year-olds had jobs, working hard, making money to purchase a car, insurance, gas, among other things. Fast forward to today, where less than 30% of teens even have jobs.

This low percentage is due to a variety of reasons:

  • Mom and Dad handing out money
  • Not being prepared for the workplace
  • Don’t know how to find a job
  • Having skills but no work ethics

Now with that said, it’s not the teens’ fault! A lot of this is due to no one teaching or preparing teens in school and in the home of what to expect.

Eric says, “We have a workforce that’s entitled and not ready to work.”

A solution to keeping employees in the worst labor market ever

First off, understand there’s a problem, and the game has changed; get out of the mindset “that wasn’t how it was when I was young.” Don’t focus on ‘what’ you do, instead focus on ‘why’ you do it. This way, I’m able to find employees that align with my vision and mission, which is powerful!

Indeed it doesn’t matter what industry we are in, we all need people, and people need jobs. Hiring people aligned with your core values will increase your success in keeping employees.

My wish is that this post sincerely brings you, your team, and your company immense value!

Come on back and revisit me,

Kody B.

p.s. visit EricChester.com to find out more on how to get your copy Eric’s newest book ‘Fully Staffed’ which will be released in 2020