Communication And Discipline Of Relationship Marketing

Communication is essential when it comes to relationship marketing and knowing how to influence in a leadership role.

First and foremost, I appreciate you being here today to sharpen your saw and learn the principles of relationship marketing. I’m all about teaching people how communication creates genuine relationships in their life and business, and it’s never been more critical timing in the marketplace than right now.

Mark my words, relationship marketing will catapult you as a leader to greater success now and into the future!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the guest I have featured on this blog today is one of those guys that knows the in’s and out’s of how the mind works in business. That is to say, how personal development and the human mind ties into being a better person, and how it ties into your business.

Greg Dwyer is a:

  • Business and marketing strategist,
  • Author and professional speaker

on the role, communication plays in leadership. 

He knows the secrets of influence and communication, which will make a difference in your personal and professional career.

Greg has three inside secrets you can apply immediately to increase self-esteem, build rapport, connect, and lead those around you: 

  1. Discover the secret power of focus 
  2. Learn how nonverbal communication is hindering your life 
  3. Acquire the insight of written goals towards your vision 

Watch this short interview where Greg Dwyer will challenge your perception of reality, prove that communication is more than words, and challenge limiting beliefs. 

Effective communication is critical

Greg shared with me his underlying fundamental philosophy and psychology that he teaches as it relates to business.

“More information is not the answer” -Greg Dwyer-

He states that education, such as reading books and attending seminars are excellent when learning, and indeed, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, we can always find the answer within us. Most salespeople and business owners tend to get misdirected by the shiny ball. They get distracted and lose focus on the one thing that matters to the customer, which is the relationship; this is the key.

I asked Greg, how does a person get through all the clutter and stay focused, especially with social media at our fingertips, with pretty much everyone wanting to be an influencer?

“The first thing is to know what you want and that takes a lot of reflection. During the process of reflection is when the answers come to you. When you ask the average person ‘what it is, they want’ they don’t even know, there’s too much information out there.”

For example:

  • social media
  • work
  • family
  • politics
  • religion
  • media

and don’t forget the cell phone distractions.

Focus is key

Don’t get misdirected with the above distractions that happen all the time! Taking time to reflect to gain focus on the one thing that is important to you and making it a priority is critical.

Greg’s three inside communication secrets found in leaders are:

  1. How you act is tied to your self-esteem
  2. Connecting with genuine rapport
  3. Influence

Also, the most important relationship you will ever create is your relationship with yourself! Everybody at one time or another will struggle with self-esteem in their lifetime. People must get to the core of who they are and follow their passion. Also, share the genius that’s inside of them.

Look, with success comes failures. Experiencing failure is when self-esteem takes a hit, but it’s important to remember that success is relative. Self-confidence is an ongoing struggle, no matter who you are. First and foremost, your success has to do with nonverbal communication (self-talk) and how you communicate with yourself. Secondly, communicating with others and third how you connect the first two.

Greg says it takes time to reflect and pick a focus that matters to you, as well as building self-esteem. Success happens when your focus and self-esteem align with how you communicate with other people.

Unfortunately, we are so focused on what’s outside of us in this busy world that we lose focus on ourselves and what it is we want and desire.

Folks, I’ve barely scratched the surface on this subject, so be sure to watch the video above for more on:

  • Increasing self-esteem
  • building rapport
  • connecting and leading

I sincerely hope this brings you some serious value, if so please share this article and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I’ll see you next week for another incredible feature guest!

Take care,

Kody B.

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