Authenticity is Powerful with New Customer Connections

First off, we know as business owners, we work hard to find that perfect customer!

More importantly, we also know that authenticity in being ‘genuinely’ interested in meeting new people is imperative. Especially when it comes to building real relationships that organically turn to friendships.

Human connection is truly what any prospect is looking for, whether they know it or not.

Tyler Kunz is a natural when it comes to letting go of the sale, and making new friends with everyone who approaches him at his place of business.

Learn how Tyler builds relationships and the human connection that has made him one of the top 3 RV Dealers of his trailer brand in this video below:

Building Genuine Customer Relations From An RV Dealership

Customer care is what Tyler exudes when it comes to the ‘human connection’ he authentically builds with each customer that visits his RV Dealership.

Tyler represents a premier trailer company that is one of the top 3 RV Dealers for Logan Coach Trailers.

Tyler owns Diamond H Trailers, in the small town of Montpellier, ID. Undoubtedly, Tyler has naturally built this business from grassroots to the successful sought after custom trailer business it is today. People come from all over the country to purchase trailers because of Tylers’ authentic relationship building.

Recently, Tyler has started including video tours of the trailers, on his website and social media to increase customer service. He quickly found that this is the best way to show, as an RV Dealer, that he genuinely cares about every customer and their needs!

In conclusion, watch the video above to learn how Tyler authentically builds genuine relationships, and how he became one of the top premier trailer sales.

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