Compassion, Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

Compassion is a missing piece of problem-solving for conflict resolution and stress management, especially with the ongoing turmoil happening around the world.

In today’s blog, you’ll learn:

  • Compassion meaning
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management

With that said, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce today’s featured guest and expert on stress management Christine Cashen.

Christine Cashen is from the Dallas Ft Worth area. She has been a Professional Speaker for over 23 years. She is an authority on sparking innovative ideas to handle conflict, reduce stress, and energize employees.

Christine has authored two Award Winning Books:

  1. THE GOOD STUFF: Quips & Tips on Life, Love, Work AND Happiness and;
  2. It’s YOUR Business: Good Stuff for Your Personal, Professional, and Funny Business. 

Christine holds a:

  • bachelor’s degree in Communication 
  • master’s degree in Adult Education 
  • HONORARY DOCTORATE from Central Michigan University.

Before embarking on her journey as a speaker, she worked as a:

  • university admissions officer
  • corporate trainer
  • broadcaster
  • member of the National Speakers Association

Christine shares her expertise in conflict resolution, stress management, and cultivating a happier, more productive workplace, listen to the short video below to implement these problem-solving skills into your life and business…

Conflict Avoidance

First off, I believe it’s the little things that make a difference in the life we live and desire. Starting with the stories of conflict, we subconsciously tell ourselves because:

“The stories in your mind, become the stories in your life” – Kody B. –

For the most part, conflict happens because everyone wants everybody to be like them. People aren’t difficult; they’re different in the way they communicate and handle conflict. So having greater compassion for others, yourself included, is a rewarding problem-solving strategy.

Stress Management

Stress and conflict management is about finding things that we get irritated with and then finding a problem-solving solution to stop getting irritated.

Sounds so easy, right?

Christine says, “how you start your day creates your day,” meaning be committed to a language of positivity for at least the first 2 hours of your day. Start your day by watching your self language because “what you say comes your way.”

Some examples when you first wake would be:

  • I’m in a good mood
  • Feeling better by the second
  • It’s going to be a great day

Creating a habit of putting these types of stories in your mind at the beginning and end of each day will create not only the story of your day but manifest the story of your life. Also, one thing you need to realize is that the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and imagined. So watch your language and tell your subconscious the things you want to have manifest in your day and even life.

In fact, what if it was possible to stop global whining; can you feel the power in this?

Maybe perhaps if people were to stop complaining and whining and commit to problem solve, the challenge of conflict would be significantly less in the world today.

 “Be in charge of your life by problem-solving and not whining.” -Christine Cashen-

Compassion and Conflict Management

First, I find it to be true that we live in what Christine calls a ‘relationship economy.’

Furthermore, compassion is a vital component of any relationship, whether for personal or business. Finding your purpose in life, and having the compassion to give the very best of yourself away to the world is extremely important. Be a student of personal development to nourish your soul and inner voice.

Above all, compassion drives conflict management. Having compassion for others and their way of life gives us a conflict resolution of understanding that we are all different in our purpose, but the same as human beings wanting to be heard and, more importantly, loved and appreciated.

If you haven’t watched the interview above, then stop and watch it now! Christine urges people to “own all aspects of their life” by taking accountability, having compassion, and teaching us stress management. Avoid conflict by being the change we want to see in the global whining that we see and hear so much on social media, TV, and radio!

In closing, the key to compassion is to celebrate others, getting more excited about the accomplishments of other people rather than your own.

That’s the stuff legacies are made of!

Take care,

Kody B.