Charisma Assessment For Entrepreneurs

Charisma consultant Kordell Norton is doing good cause in the world, making things happen, and teaching people what I call assessment sales.

To sum him up, Kordell is a former Sr. Executive with several billion-dollar companies and the author of 7 books plus a:

  • National publications contributor
  • Faculty to 17 universities

Hence why people call him ‘America’s Charisma Consultant.

He trains internationally from his most recent book ‘Business Charisma’ on:

  • sales
  • customer service
  • strategic planning
  • leadership

Moreover, his training focuses mostly on a message of:

“Helping others engage in deep and profound ways” -Kordell Norton-

Impressively, he is a member of the:

  • National Speakers Association
  • Customers Experience Professional Association

Join Kordell Norton ‘Americas Charisma Consultant’ and take an assessment as he teaches us charismatic leadership traits from his book ‘Business Charisma’…

Business transactions have evolved from transactional to relational

Nurturing relationships ‘genuinely’ is essential in society and business these days.

That is to say, looking back 100 years ago, we were in a commodities market, where people would trade goods for other goods. Fast forward to the 1950s; things were sold by an advertisement for grocery stores. 1995 business morphed from ‘service-based’ into the ‘customer experience’ by 2005.

With that said, today the customer experience is not enough anymore; building an authentic relationship is a must alongside the customer experience.

Imagine a world that implements a philosophy of kindness, driving kindness to every human being, in all walks of life.

Charismatic leadership traits

Kordell did quite a bit of research on future characteristics and leadership skills needed in business.

That is to say, during his research, Kordell discovered a list of 43 charismatic qualities labeled magnetic, from people and organizations involved in his research.

Quite simply, it’s all about relationships. Kordell is the author of ‘Business Charisma.’ He speaks in his book about how people will do whatever it takes to use a brand that they have a relationship, making this a dialog economy.

For instance, when you hear a person respond with the word ‘my’ such as ‘my:’

  • hairdresser
  • dentist
  • realtor
  • veterinarian
  • mechanic

Etcetera, they are talking about a brand, person, or business with whom they have a relationship.

Gone are the days of transactional sales that have died out to relational transactions where people require dialog feedback.

Assessment of how 80/20 works

Realize this, only 20% of your relational impact happens when you’re in front of your prospect!

So what about the other 80% needed to build a relationship?

First off, Kordell says 40% happens before you even meet up, and the other 40% happens after you have left the meeting. Amazingly this information weighs into marketing and acquiring customers; this is where SendOutCards fits in!

Secondly, when you meet with potential or current clients/customers face to face, being confident is crucial. As a result, most salespeople miss the mark in the 40% pre and 40 % post-meeting that connects the customer’s heart charismatically.

In conclusion, we are in a day and age where people listen to people, not all the marketing stuff. It’s a whole new perspective on how to stretch out the relationship and keep it growing.

Heartfelt thanks to Kordell Norton for his charismatic interview (see above). Graciously he shares everything he knows about ‘Business Charisma’ that helps you sharpen your leadership and business skills.

See you next week,

Kody B.

p.s. Above all, thank you for your contribution and interest in Relationship Marketing. Certainly, learning to nurture genuine relationships in your business and life practice, is key. With that said, I want to invite you to our next ‘Promptings Academy’ that’ll build your business charisma authentically!