Leadership qualities for employee management

Today’s blog features an expert leader from one of the largest financial service organizations in America.

Mark Crowley spent nearly 25 years in the dog eat dog world of financial services. As a result, Mark became the leader of the year at one of the largest financial institutions in America.

Unsatisfied with the management of the company he worked for, Mark left the financial industry and soon became an:

  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • Influencer

Untraditionally, Mark proved that deeply caring about and supporting people, had a remarkable impact on driving sustained:

  1. Engagement
  2. Loyalty
  3. Productivity

All by affecting employees’ hearts within an organization.

Being a ‘leadership’ pioneer, Mark shows us that leading from the heart is the most informed and enlightened thing a manager within an organization can do.

That is to say that with new, breakthrough medical research, and his book ‘Lead From the Heart,’ he proves the heart is the driver of optimal human performance.

Currently, and most impressively, 9 American universities are teaching Mark’s book, and his ‘Lead from the Heart podcast’ has an audience in 125 countries.

Learn how to build infinitely more success in your business and personal life with these leadership qualities for organization management…

Organizational management for greater success in business

First off, thanks for being on this blog with me today. Also, congratulations on being a student of relationship marketing and sharpening your saw to become the best version of yourself possible.

Becoming your best confident self is what self-development is all about. Each one of you on this blog today is unique in individuality with a unique brand to offer the world.

Today’s interview in the video above is Mark Crowley, a Financial Services leader. He led an organization in the financial industry for over 25 years.

After leaving the financial industry, he wanted to teach others how to manage people for greater success. He currently does this by implementing very uncommon leadership qualities.

Mark Crowley has inspired a vast Twitter following with his innovative idea about ‘leading from the heart.’ In turn, this led him to write articles for Fast Company Magazine, and LinkedIn with a couple of pieces read over a million times.

“Realistically, we can’t continue to manage and lead the same way we did 100 years ago”  ~Mark Crowley~

What is leading with the heart

Understandably, Marks’ unstable childhood led him to his passion. A passion for teaching organizations to manage by leading from the heart.  It doesn’t matter the occupation; Mark can teach organizations how to find infinitely greater success by influencing pure leadership qualities.

Qualities such as being more:

  • caring and;
  • supportive

Thereby creating extraordinary performance and loyalty from employees.

Hence, the most critical piece of showing you care and being supportive is the ‘heart.’ The heart is a sensing feeling organ. We know that the heart and mind are in constant communication. Feelings and emotions of the heart drive human behavior.

Therefore, it only makes sense that we are hard-wired through the heart. Mark believes that if you manage how people feel, and give them experiences that drive positive emotions, you’ll have much better success in your organization.

Most importantly, people won’t remember what you did or said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

In conclusion, Mark gives so much more impactful information in the interview above, so if you didn’t get a chance to watch it, do it now!

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