Positive psychology is instrumental in personal development

Positive psychology is a passion of Dr. Paul Jenkins, and personal development is a passion of mine. These two subjects combined make an incredible topic.

Today’s blog features Dr. Paul, who is the:

Besides all the above, he is a man of faith.

Paul makes no apology for being a man of faith because his faith gives meaning and context to everything he does. Paul discovered through his faith and missionary work, how to teach others to have powerful, meaningful conversations with real people.

Dr. Paul says, “there is far too much negativity, fear, and doubt in the world.” His mission is to uplift and inspire human beings to create and live a positive life they love.

Join in on this incredible interview with Dr. Paul, where we dive into how positive psychology and personal development can have a significant impact on your success in life and business…

Positive psychology and personal development and how it relates to relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing, for sales and marketing, is most likely the reason you have tuned into my blog today.

More than likely your wanting to learn:

  • What relationship marketing is
  • Relationship marketing principles
  • How to better your business

Let’s face it relationship marketing is transforming the way people succeed, not only in business but their personal lives as well.

In my book ‘The Power of Human Connection,’ I teach how relationship marketing is incremental to business, especially if you want to create a referral-based business.

However, aside from sales and marketing, my book also dives into three different parts of building human connection.

Which are:

  1. What relationship marketing is all about
  2. How does it fit into the sales and marketing process
  3. Most important is a relationship with one’s self

First and foremost, I majored in business marketing, but I had a desire to learn psychology.

With that said, I wanted to help people excel psychologically in a positive way. My interest was ‘not’ in being a Dr. of healing or psychologist for those with mental challenges and disorders, but rather focus on the positive mindset and positive thinking in business and marketing.

Bringing positive psychology into the world of personal development.

Here’s where Dr. Paul Jenkins comes in.

We both have the same passion of:

  • Establishing relationships
  • Changing negative mindsets

Traditional psychology has ignored helping those who are healthy (so to speak) to move forward in strengthening themselves by working on their personality development.

Positive psychology and personal development are very closely related. There is a process that moves you into the realm of what Dr. Paul calls “choice and control.”

There are triggers in life that set off different chains of events. Triggers are inevitably going to happen in life. Whether positive or negative; it’s more about how we handle the trigger and what’s going to happen because of the way we dealt with the trigger.

A trigger can either lead to a negative or a positive chain of events. It is up to us to create habits of self-choice and control that will create a positive chain of events.

Discontent triggers behavioral habits

Personal development is about creating behavioral habits of positive thinking.

When a person feels discontent with something happening in their life, there is a trigger that makes them want to seek out a change. Consequently, this is where a behavioral pattern is created. Which, in turn, leads to personal development.

Creating habits such as:

  • Reading self-improvement books
  • Exercising

Doing things that make us feel good about ourselves and our health, whether it be for personal development or strengthening relationships.

Pretty much, it all comes down to creating positive habits from the negative triggers that come our way.

Dr. Paul shares this and so much more in the live interview above, so don’t forget to watch it, you’ll be glad you did!

I love this quote, Paul shared:

“Don’t be quick to believe everything you think,” always be discerning and choose good positive thoughts.

I encourage you to take Dr. Paul’s advice and start loving and creating joy for one another and transform your life today with positive words and positive thinking and a positive mindset.

Take care until next time,

Kody B.

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