Business principles and self-development ideas

Business development and self-development go hand in hand when your self employed.

Mr. Craig Case is a featured businessman this week, and we go way back, probably 30 years. The best way for me to introduce this fantastic guy is; He is a businessman that is one of those super-smart guy entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs wing it, but not this guy.

I’m honored to share with you some of his brilliance today.

Craig has brought incredible business ideas to the table. He thinks very deeply about these ideas helping not only me but others with strategic management plans over his career.

First and foremost he hit it outta the park when he Co-Authored the book ‘Big Ideas.’

After reading this spectacular book, I called Craig and told him this is one of my top personal, self-development books, and I’m going to recommend this to everybody. Now, I have a vast library of 1000 + books, and this is one of my top ten recommendations.

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This weeks blog post features an interview from one of my recent podcasts.

Jump inside where Craig and I talk about the reasons why, without a doubt, this book should be on your list of self-improvement reading …


The ‘Thank-You’ business model

First, I want to say thank you for subscribing. I love that you all come from all walks of life and different business models.

Second, I’m excited that you appreciate learning new techniques about how relationship marketing can help self-employed people build a business.

Thirdly, I love interviewing people with business ethics, who live and implement relationship marketing principles on purpose. For this reason, you never know when I might ask one of you to join me in an interview.

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Relationship with self as it relates to business

“All ah-ha moments and creativity come from and are based on problems” -Craig Case-

Inspirations and insights can be world-changing because of where they come from. Challenges in business and our personal lives spur on self-improvement.

In fact, the brain needs to be in an ideal place in order to have ah-ha moments.

There are 2 primary areas I learned from the book ‘Big Ideas’ that I’d like to cover in this blog post;

  1. Conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind
  2. Getting your brain wave in the right place for creativeness

#1. The conscious mind is where you are consciously right now; it’s your thinking and self-talk. Sub-conscious is the activity that you can access when needed for things such as breathing as an example. Unconscious is where 90% of your ‘brain works’ take place.

Craig says “Most of the time we try to fix problems looking for solutions consciously. However, creativity comes from the unconscious mind.” Freud says “90% of what our brain does, comes from the unconscious realm.” Take an iceberg for instance. What we see of an iceberg is 10% of the surface (conscious mind) but 90% is underwater (unconscious mind.)

Interestingly enough, 90% of our thoughts come from the unconscious realm, this is where wisdom lies, and not even scientists know how to reach the unconscious part of the brain.

However, scientists know that the unconscious realm of the brain produces and accesses billions of bits of data every second but only a fragment of that data will make it back to the conscious realm of the brain.

So where does the rest of the data and information go? Well, it stays in the unconscious.

Accessing the unconscious data for self-improvement

Craig teaches the clearer we are about what it is we need and want to know, the unconscious will know what it’s supposed to pay attention to. He recommends writing down what it is you need to know and solve. Therefore the unconscious brain will go to work and find the information you need.

What’s even cooler is the brain will deliver this information in one or all of 3 ways:

  1. Dreams; Pay attention to them because there are all kinds of wisdom that comes from them.
  2. Journaling; Solves challenges of the heart and is critical to solving these types of challenges.
  3. Ah-Ha moments; Come often but are often ignored so act on them or the insight will disappear.

Consequently, this is why I teach about promptings.

“A Prompting is a thought or feeling that comes to mind, typically to reach out to other people” -Kody B.-

Relationship marketing and my philosophy of it is based on promptings. Ah-ha moments are the same thing as promptings and when they are not acted upon, nothing happens.

In a nutshell, if you want self-improvement that will impact your business in an organic, natural and consistent way, simply act on your ah-ha moments or as I call them promptings. This will create a business with powerful business ethics.

Strategic management for self-improvement in a business model

#2. Brain wave and how it works. Most of the time when we are working or concentrating on specific things throughout the day in our business we are in a Beta state of mind. This fast beta state can wear you out and that’s why we go home from work worn out.

Let’s face it, it is impossible to come up with good ideas when we are in a beta state of mind!

Mostly we hear that good ideas come when:

  • we are in the shower or;
  • driving home from work

this is because our brain is in a slower state of mind called the alpha, this is when ah-ha moments, promptings and great ideas manifest themselves.

Matter of fact, taking a few minutes throughout the busy workday to relax the mind, close the eyes and think about nothing; meditation, for instance, will spur on solutions to challenges prompting how to achieve a desired outcome. This cannot and will not happen during a beta state of mind.

Hopefully, you now have some insight on why ‘Big Ideas’ is such a great book and we barely touched the surface. We talked about the core, but there is so much more information coming off of that core I simply can’t fit into this blog post! So make sure to pick up this fabulous book ‘Big Ideas’ I know you’ll read it more than once.

Take care,

Kody B.

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