Elevator pitch should be a Power Pitch

An elevator pitch can sometimes feel like an elevator speech and let’s face it no one wants to hear it!

However, if you instead deliver a ‘power pitch’ then you’ve hooked them, does this get your attention?

I thought so!

Well, fasten your seatbelt for this incredible guy I’m featuring on this blog post!

He’s a successful;

  • author
  • speaker
  • trainer
  • entrepreneur

Not only is Charlie Cina all of the above, but he also works with all the above. He’s the author of ‘Expose and Close’ and a master at perfecting any elevator pitch example you can think of into an impactful ‘power pitch!’

Perfect your power pitch by listening to this valuable interview. Charlie will share a short story of how he hooked and closed a big fish after delivering a power pitch and knowing how to present, position, and profit …

Learn how to perfect your Power Pitch

Charlie Cina is a perfect example of being a humble servant in sales. Going out into the world teaching others how to look good presenting, building brands and making a difference in the world.

Everyone every day has the organic opportunity to reach out and shake somebody’s hand and introduce themselves. Same with social media, most people don’t understand or look at social media as an opportunity to shake someone’s hand. In a sense, when you first touch base with someone on social media, you are sticking your virtual hand out saying, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.”

Whether you’re meeting someone in person or on social media, you need a power pitch (elevator pitch.) Your pitch should inspire someone to the point of belief that you are the logical choice in your space and industry.

Building Organic Relationship Trust

Hence, your elevator pitch better called your ‘power pitch’ should come from a place of only good intentions. Giving and adding value will help you build the know, like and relationship-trust needed to acquire the two things you intend to receive from your prospect.

Notably, these two things are their;

  1. Money: This is not a bad thing; everyone in business needs to earn money.
  2. Contacts: Building an organic revenue-driven referral base.

Most importantly remember that “in sales, we often want to quickly expose what we have and get the deal done.” Quite honestly if you re-read that statement it is not servant driven, it’s more self-serving; do you feel the difference?

Your goal should be to leverage what the marketplace wants and then inspire them on what they actually need. Then and only then will the prospect believe that you and your product and service is the most logical choice to make.

In short; the ‘Expose & Close’ marketing system is a must-learn;

  • tips
  • tools
  • strategies
  • techniques

That will help you deliver a power pitch (elevator speech) that will lead to a presentation, where you can position yourself to make profits.

By golly, if you haven’t already, make sure to watch the video above to learn more tips and strategies from Charlie Cina!

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Kody B.

p.s. BONUS: Visit ‘ExposeandClose.com’ to pick up Charlie’s free download ’10 knows to close.’