Career Paths and Choosing One

Career paths and choosing one starts with a decision to find success no matter what.

Making a decision to go all-in, instead of trying it out or giving it a go, makes the difference between success and failure.

Choosing a career can cause fear and fear is almost always a factor in any career path. Fear is natural, especially when getting started in a job or career and seldom goes away completely. However, breaking through that fear can open many doors bringing massive success.

I got to hand it to the students and young listeners of my Relationship Podcast. Twenty-something kids who are just jumping up and getting started in their career path — many of them choosing NWM, direct sales, or any sales for that matter.

Todd Falcone can relate to these young people. Todd has conquered many of the same fears. He shares his insights that he learned at a young age while just getting out of college.

Todd travels the world, contributing to the business world in general and has been incredible at teaching the principles of Network Marketing.

He is also the;

Network Marketing made sense to Todd when choosing a career path, and he made a decision that not only brought on fear but a drive to be successful.

‘Decision’ is the keyword here!

Listen in as Todd shares how backing out of his chosen career path was not an option and how making a decision opened up doors for his success…

Making a ‘Decision’ on a Career Path

I’ve known Todd for several years now, and I’m grateful for the contribution he makes to the business world as a whole.

As I mentioned above, Todd travels the world training on how to be fearless and succeed in sales.

Todd shared with me in the interview above that when he chose NWM, he wasn’t merely trying it out to see if it would work; he made it work! Todd wanted to be the best salesperson possible. Bailing and backing out was NOT an option for him because he made a decision. Once a decision is made all the things that need to avail themselves for you to be successful open up to you because that’s your only choice.

Seeking out expertise, learning, and paying attention to the people who have done it, can help you through the frustrating days, months, and possibly even years.

Hence, the difference between someone who has committed as opposed to someone who has not, when discouragement sets in they give up.

Consistency Makes All the Difference

Consistency in a chosen career path is essential for obvious reasons.

  1. Make a decision
  2. Be committed
  3. Stay consistent

In the fundamental principles.

I asked Todd what his thoughts are on staying consistent;

“Lack of clarity will knock you out. Having clarity, a clear vision on exactly what you’re looking for on the career path you’ve chosen will keep you doing the fundamentals consistently, even as hard and unpleasant they are at the time.” ~Todd Falcone

Most importantly you need to;

  • See
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Feel

What success is like for you personally to achieve what you want in your chosen career path.

Network Marketing Today

There seems to be a switch happening in the world of Network Marketing as compared to old school Network Marketing.

Being part of a culture and a cause much bigger than themselves seems to be taking over the ‘making lots of money and material things money can buy.’ More and more people in NWM simply want $400-$500 dollars a month to supplement their cost of living and free up time to experience life in the way they want to.

Network Marketing has become a way to do just that by:

  • Supplementing incomes
  • Paying for college
  • Getting bills paid
  • Extra money for vacations

Trends for retirement are looking a little scary. More and more people aren’t saving enough for retirement, and for this reason, Network Marketing is a great solution as well.

Creating relationships is critical inside the world of NWM

Relationships are, our inventory period!

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. This my friends has never changed. With that said, today’s digital technology makes building relationships more important than ever before.

You must bring the WOW factor, make your customers feel special because if you don’t, your competition will!

Thanks for joining me,

Kody B.