Networking the right way is much more simple than you realize

Networking the right way will not only develop friendships but will also make you money … imagine that!

Rob Thomas, the founder of ‘Networking In Diners’ and author of ‘Who Do You Need To Meet,’ is not only a master at networking but making money while networking as well.

I asked Rob if there is a right or wrong person to meet?

Rob says; you need to know the difference between what you want and what you need! These are two different things when you’re meeting people and networking effectively.

Join this great conversation with Rob Thomas to learn how to meet the people you need to develop friendships with to continue moving your business forward by making money as well…

Prospecting and Networking the right way

Great conversations with great messages are so meaningful, and I had the pleasure of learning from Rob Thomas. He has a valuable message to share with us in this blog post.

First off, need versus want are two completely different meanings when networking the right way.

Networking is about 2 people who meet and prospect with one another. 2 different needs, need to be addressed because as we have all found out, sales are about serving and reciprocating.

However, how can we serve or even reciprocate when the prospect is vague in helping us to understand what it is he/she needs.

Meaning, if we tell someone that we need to meet and talk to:

  • Anybody
  • Somebody
  • Everybody

It makes it very confusing for those we are networking with to connect us with those we need to build relationships. Therefore, making it difficult for them to introduce us to who can help us move our business forward.

Try being more specific, like having the name of someone in the company you want to meet is a much more effective way of building relationships that turn into friendships that make us money.

Remember, developing friendships is essential, but so is making money. After all, isn’t that what we are in business to do?

Rob Thomas was an executive at the Chamber of Commerce in Greater New Haven. His job was to dial in and help group members decide who they need to meet, rather than want to meet.

Folks, it is possible to develop friendships and make a living at the same time!

Maybe those you need to meet are not a specific vertical such as:

  • Realtors
  • Bankers
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys

Then it’s a particular person at a firm you need to connect with.

The insight I received as I was interviewing Rob was that perhaps I need to write down and journal those specific types and names of people I need to meet or maybe even better a particular person I need to meet that can help me move my business further.

Wrong people versus the right people to meet

Pick up the habit of deciphering, who is the best connection that you can make for your business. Being clear on this helps those you are networking with to move you forward. There is no wrong or right person; it all depends on where you are at in your business.

When you’re getting ready to meet up with a new prospect, make sure to do your homework. Rob says to identify three things or individuals they are connected with that jumps out at you. Networking the right way means don’t just show up and throw up. Be prepared to share the surprising things that you learned about them.

These three things can spur on questions that when meeting with a new person or prospect, can drive success in the direction you and your business are heading at this current place and time. LinkedIn and social media is undoubtedly a great way to meet b2b contacts and learn all about them when looking to prospect them.

Networking is about;

  1. Who to meet with
  2. How to meet up
  3. What to focus on

When meeting with them.

Consequently, this leads to what my message is every week, which is all about relationships and building genuine human connections with other human beings and our prospects.

A keyword that creates a connection

FORM is an acronym for;

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Money or Message

Look for FORM when doing your homework on the prospect. FORM will give you an advantage and create what Rob calls an organic switch building the know, like, and trust factor when networking and meeting up with your prospect. 

Knowing the detail on those you want to network with is paramount in today’s world of sales.

Most surprisingly, less than 3% of people do networking the right way, even though they know how and what to do!

The human interaction and secret ingredient that Rob says I teach, that he embodies as well, is the handwritten thank you note. Tangibly reaching out to those you network with and prospects you meet with is powerful and a proven tool that can change the face of your business.

Today’s digital technology makes it super easy to learn about prospects before meeting with them and also to celebrate them after and during follow-up.

Rob’s last golden nuggets he shared in the interview above was:

“The idea of asking good quality questions of the person your sitting across from is the ultimate goal in order to get the organic switch. Meaning they want to respect you and the fact you did your homework on them which will inspire them to ask about you. Transitioning not only into a friendship but a business relationship.”

It’s a proven fact the organic switch works and is effective in networking the right way.

I appreciate you joining me today take care,

Kody B.