Sales Experience

Sales experience and becoming an expert at sales doesn’t happen overnight!

We see self-proclaimed gurus all over social media, telling us how sales should happen.

Boy, I’ll tell you, make sure you do your homework and look into their credibility. Most importantly, remember that a guru standing in front of a fancy car or private jet does not necessarily make them a guru! It’s super important to understand that often you don’t see their failures because of lack of transparency. You can’t become an expert overnight!

However, Jeffrey Gitomer sharpened his saw with education and consistent sales experience in relationship marketing/direct-selling. He will tell you how vital relationship marketing is.

Authentically being a part of:

  • Learning
  • Implementing and;
  • Teaching

Relationship marketing is transforming the way salespeople succeed in every industry.

Jeffrey is the author of the largest selling book of all time “The Little Red Book of Selling” not to mention the author of 15 books thus far. Jeffery has great intensity and passion for sales and gives credit to the direct selling industry for his skills. His sales experience inside the MLM model taught him positivity and the skills he still practices and loves today.

Learn from a real guru as he teaches his sales experience, and what it means to have social relevance or you will become irrelevant;

‘Be better, not bitter’ ~Jeffrey Gitomer~

My first 60 seconds of encountering Jeffrey Gitomer, I could sense his passion for the selling industry.

Jeffrey has seen an enormous change in sales principles over his career. He spoke to us on how the same principles he taught back in 1994 still apply today. Plus, he shared what principles are necessary to add in today’s world of sales.

Two principles stood out to me:

  1. Have a ‘Yes’ attitude: A step above a positive attitude
  2. Be socially relevant: People want to know about you

Having a ‘Yes’ (#1) attitude speaks for itself!

Social relevance (#2) is the most interesting to me, and here’s why; Anybody with sales experience will tell you that Google is a major factor in sales. A prospect can look you up and find out almost anything about you, your product and service within minutes, right before you walk in the door.

To sum it up, not being ‘socially relevant’ makes you ‘socially irrelevant.’ That my friends can be dangerous to business success as the internet and technology become more and more relevant.

If you haven’t been able to watch the interview above, I highly recommend doing that now to learn how to add social value and win big in the future.

Take Care,

Kody B.

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