Business relationships are critical in sales and marketing

Business relationships in sales and marketing, as we all know, can be complicated when it comes to having an authentic sales strategy and method. Especially when you factor in the importance of building trust with prospects and customers.

Consequently, when you focus on the money transaction, then to the customer, it will always be about the price and the money. Instead, make it about getting the customer to a different state of mind; this is when they buy into what you bring to the table and motivates them to act on achieving a better outcome.

Today’s blog post features Jeff Bajorek:

  • Founder of Jeff
  • Author of ‘The 5 Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting’
  • Co-host of the ‘The Why and The Buy’ podcast

Believe you me; Jeff has not only written about these 5 fundamentals, but he’s also experienced them from being in the trenches himself!

Most importantly, these 5 fundamentals create an authentic sales strategy. A that builds business relationships, trust, brand loyalty, and increases closings; pretty much eliminating having to haggle over price with the customer.

Learn Jeff’s “5 forgotten fundamentals” that when implemented, will drive massive results.

Learning the concept of strengthening business relationships through relationship marketing

Congratulations on your commitment to learning the idea of how to build business relationships in today’s day and age. Timing for relationship marketing has never been so necessary to implement for sales and marketing. No matter your career, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a relationship marketing strategy. Matter of fact, it’s critical!

Quite frankly, gone are the days of wining and dining. All it takes is for your competitors to wine and dine your customer and just like that, you’ve lost them. At least concerning money-motivated customers. Not to mention the fear of loss strategy! Indeed, the fear of loss can work in some instances, but not likely in others.

Hence, this is why I was so excited to learn from Jeff Bajorek. I was able to go into depth on the wine and dine, and fear of loss tactics that so many salespeople use in sales and marketing.

Longevity in Sales and Marketing

Jeff is a master at teaching how to inspire customers to look for ways to invest back into you. It comes as no surprise that it starts with the business relationships you create.

In the above interview, Jeff taught 5 Forgotten Fundamentals in the sales and marketing industry.

These are:

  1. Know what you bring to the table (Uniqueness in your service and product as opposed to your competitors)
  2. You should know who to be talking to (Your niche and their specific needs)
  3. Create tension (Creating a human connection where their pain that you can fix is a stimulus to act)
  4. Be the expert (Communicate your benefits in a way that lets the prospect know you can improve if not fix their current state of pain)
  5. Keep your swagger (Authentic confidence knowing who you are and being yourself)

For right now, I want to focus on the 3rd fundamental, mostly because it’s right in alignment with what I teach; but be sure to catch the valuable interview above for all the in-depth details!

#3 Creating tension

When Jeff says, “create tension,” he means to find the prospects pain and desire to fix the pain.

Finding your customers pain creates the tension, and your solution (Fundamental #1; what you bring to the table) creates the stimulus to get them acting on fixing the pain to create the pleasure of reaching a better state.

However, before creating tension, you must be able to connect on a human level. Human connection creates trust when building rapport in business relationships. So always having an awareness of who you are & what you bring to the table is vital.

Once a relationship is established, and your customer knows you’re focused on their well being, then the customer will return the favor by looking for ways to be loyal and take care of you.

In closing, make sure you don’t get caught up in the transaction, instead, embrace the needs of your customer making the sale about helping and serving. This my friends will make all the difference on whether or not you have longevity in repeat business.

See you next time,

Kody B.