Leadership skills of top salespeople and recruiters

Leadership skills are acquired by being a constant student. Consistently learning leadership qualities from those around us is extremely necessary to cultivate success in sales.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee trains effective leadership skills all over the world with his transformational seminars.

These strategic, tactical leadership traits will take you to the next level of the sales game.

His BIO includes training:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Military Generals
  • Top leaders

In many different industries.

Not to mention, he has written 30 books:

Listen in as he dives into the characteristics of a leader with golden nuggets from his latest book ‘Sales Mastery.’

Start from where you are right now

‘Sales Mastery’ is a book to help you accelerate success from where you are right now.

One of the most common principle leadership skills of a successful company and its sales force is building lifelong relationships.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee says:

“You have to maximize every second of your time and be in it for the long haul.” Being in it for the long haul means building relationships.

Developing these relationships are broken down into 5 steps in Dr. Magee’s sales mastery courses:

  1. Basic fundamentals
  2. Role-playing/Communication
  3. Written business plans
  4. Sales management
  5. Ongoing education for advanced leadership skills

All of these courses have one core principle on effective leadership skills that build relationships which are;

  • Learn the habit of having a servant attitude and mindset
  • Always be asking the question “How can I serve you next?”

Social Media Hype

Winning comes from knowing how to connect human to human.

Social media has a lot of hypesters out there. Such hype as inbound, outbound and funnels are all over the internet. Beware of these pitches on social media, most aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, because most of those selling it, haven’t done it.

However, there is a flip side to this. Technology is advancing everyday moving us into a more digital world. Thus, making relationship marketing and the tangible touch more and more important.

It simply doesn’t matter what your product or service is, every day you have to:

  • pick up the phone
  • meet someone new
  • connect on a human level

Difference between success and failure

Data is important and will tell us a lot, but it doesn’t equate to bigger profitability!

However, Dr. Jeffrey Magee has a formula that he calls his secret sauce.


  • W (Work product)
  • F (Frequency)
  • ROI (Sales goals, quotes, and accomplishments)

Numbers don’t lie!

Realize that only 29% of salespeople understand WP + F = ROI and have the fundamental leadership skills and characteristics of a leader.

Hence, this 29% make a decision every day to succeed or fail.

Leadership Qualities & Their Success DNA

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In closing, I feel the true characteristics of a leader, and the angel of relationship marketing is simply creating personal relationships in your life, business, and sales processes whether online or offline.

Thanks for joining me,

Kody B