Recruitment inside of talent agencies is a very unique industry

Recruitment in a competitive market is Kat McEntee’s job.

Kat has certainly been there and done it with her background in theatre and acting. She was directed by Sally Field herself when she co-starred in the ‘The Christmas Tree.’ Also in her resume, an appearance in ABC’s pilot “The Hughleys.”

That is to say, she’s an expert in the field of talent agencies.

Kat McEntee is the best of the best and known for:

  • Her talent agency called ‘Katalyst’ for 13yrs
  • Representing actors and models from all over the country
  • Finding and developing some of the finest kids talents around

Certainly, I could name all her accomplishments of placing talent over the years. Trust me, the list is impressive and goes on and on. Besides, you’ll hear it all in the interview that I was fortunate to have with her.

Establishing relationships increases ROI

Relationship building is what Kat focuses on in her marketing for her talent agency.

Kat shares how focusing on the 1st-word ‘Relationship’ in Relationship Marketing establishes genuine relationships. Thus, increasing ROI in her business.

Hear her transformational stories on how relationship marketing has made both her and her students, stand out in this highly competitive market. Therefore, increasing work for her and her students on an ongoing basis…

First of all, my message is always to encourage kindness in the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Whether it be for personal or business reasons.

Today’s blog features the competitive market of talent recruitment.

Naturally, I was excited to learn from my guest Kat McEntee as she owns a talent agency. Matter of fact, who better to teach us how to stand out in a competitive market than someone who lives and breathes this industry every day.

Boosting recruitment

There are 2 vital things that need to happen to boost recruitment in a talent agency:

  1. You as an agent need to build relationships with producers looking for talent
  2. Client’s looking to be recruited also need to build rapport with the same producers

By doing this, everyone involved stands out from the crowd.

Primarily, people in the entertainment industry are self-focused. For instance, imagine the power in establishing relationships for no other reason, but to celebrate and recognize people for who they are. Most importantly, opening doors to more work in the future because now they know, like and trust you. Hence, making you top of mind when producers are looking for talent.

Double or triple your ROI

Historically, December & January are the slowest months for Kat in this competitive market. We’ve heard it said that numbers don’t lie. Simply by incorporating relationship marketing, Kat doubled her revenue in December and tripled in January.

Pretty much no matter what industry we’re in, we are all recruiters for the service or product we sell. Therefore, building relationships can be transformational for ROI in any competitive market.

In closing, remember that if you focus on the 1st-word relationship, the 2nd-word marketing will take care of itself!

See you soon and take care,

Kody B.

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