Leaders build strong relationships with customer engagement

Leaders in sales have a servant’s heart.

Indeed this a big deal when it comes to customer engagement, and building the know, like, and trust factor.

Matter of fact, having a servant’s heart is the best way to receive ongoing referrals for your business. Even better, referrals made by personal introductions!

In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • Three critical steps in the customer journey
  • Difference between ‘satisfied customers’ and ‘engaged customers’
  • How to deserve referrals versus asking for referrals

Recognized as a top influencer, Bill has 31 years of experience in the art & science of acquiring new clients through referrals and personal introductions. In 2010 Bill Cates was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

Bill is a who’s, who kind of guy, and his client acquisition system has been featured in publications such as:

  • Success Magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • Huffington Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Selling Power

Bill has delivered business growth messages to:

  • 300,000 business professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Salespeople across five different continents

He has four best selling books, the latest being ‘Beyond Referrals’ which we dive into in this valuable interview.

Listen in as Bill so freely shares his knowledge and expertise on the client/customer journey, and how to gain ongoing referrals by being authentic and having a servant’s heart…

Don’t ask for a referral, deserve a referral  ~Kody B~

First and foremost, Bill Cates has a servant heart when it comes to building a human connection in the sales profession. He’s a master at creating successful experiences during the client/customer journey.

The client/customer journey consists of 3 steps:

  1. Prospecting
  2. New client/customer
  3. Ongoing business

Taking a client from prospecting to ongoing business is our goal!

Remember, that it’s our job as sales leaders to take a prospect from where they are right now, to where they want to be. Having an agenda for what our own needs are as a salesperson, cannot interfere with the prospect’s needs. Understand that if you’re not focused on the prospect’s needs, wants, and desires, then you’re focused on your own. Unfortunately, this creates a gap.

As I said, it can be challenging to close the gap, but it’s not impossible with the right knowledge and skill set. Assessing the prospect’s needs and meeting them there is a great place to start.

Closing the gap starts with customer engagement

So, let’s take a look at closing the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be in your business.

Changing your thoughts from ‘satisfying’ a customer to ‘engaging’ a customer can take you to where you want to be in your business.

Bill taught us that there is a difference between a ‘satisfied’ customer and an ‘engaged’ customer. Studies have shown that within a 12 month period after a sale, a ‘satisfied’ customer is only 20% likely to send you referrals, which is an OK number. However, with customer ‘engagement’ they are more likely to send referrals 98% of the time. Wouldn’t you rather have referrals 98% of the time?

Leaders in the sales industry understand this all falls within Relationship Marketing. When we genuinely engage with a customer by being interested in their story the know, like and trust factor is put into motion. Consequently, the more interest and focus we put on the customer, the stronger the relationship and human connections are.

How leaders create customer engagement

Leaders create customer engagement by:

  • adding value
  • caring and;
  • being giving
  • telling their story
  • listening to the customer

Everybody loves a story! Telling your story is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to engage a customer. Reason being, it inspires them to respond with their story. Listening becomes crucial at this time. By truly listening to their story you can take an assessment and understand how you can add value with your product and service in a way that benefits them.

Look, the “secret sauce” to customer engagement and creating referrals is building the human connection and business friendship. Almost certainly, this closes the gap and creates the most powerful of all referrals; A personal introduction!

Taking an assessment of the prospect’s needs brings clarity on where your customer is and where they want to be. Making this key to giving the best customer experience possible!

In closing, Bill said it best; Be appropriately proactive in believing in what you do, and look for those opportunities to serve with a genuine, authentic servant’s heart.

Take Care,

Kody B.