Success habits are something we all could learn more about

Success habits are best taught by a coach.

First off, I always love when the word ‘coach’ comes before a name because coaches are some of the best mentors in the world, and they teach the habits of successful people.

On today’s blog learn how to build success habits that drive your own passion by:

  • trusting your intuition
  • staying laser focused
  • staying competitive but;
  • keeping ego at bay and;
  • having humility

I want to introduce you to Coach Dana Cavalea

His background is:

  • 13-year director of strength & conditioning for the NY Yankees
  • Oversight of performance enhancement
  • Development of all the players in the organization and;
  • Training and rehabilitation
  • Created lifestyle training programs for all the players

Achieving all the above, he led the team to the World Championship in 2009. In this same year, he was awarded the ‘Nolan Ryan Award’ an award that is given to Top Strength Performance coaches in MLB.

Coach Dana has transformed all of his experiences into a highly successful coaching profession. He’s the Author of ‘Habits of a Champion.’ In addition to his on-field coaching, he works as a:

  • Performance coach
  • Consultant to companies and organizations

Such as, CEO’s, Executives on Wall Street, Fund managers and traders and the list goes on and on!

I’m super excited to talk to you about habits. But even more so, I’m excited for you to listen in as Coach Dana Cavalea shares his story of failure, which in-turn created successful habits, leading to the achievement of his vision and passion…

First of all, I’m so excited to jump into this word habits!

Certainly, it’s apparent that I’m a huge proponent of habits. I talk a lot about success habits and consistency in all my seminars and what have you.

So, it’s no surprise that I was honored to interview Coach Dana Cavalea. He is an expert on the subject of how consistency builds habits. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the interview, scroll up a bit and take a few minutes to learn from a pro!

Coach Dana stated:

“With my background being an underperforming player, I relied on coaches myself to maximize my own talent. This led me to become a coach myself.” I love the training, coaching process in seeing someone for what they are today, and making them better through habits and consistency tomorrow.”

Habits of Successful People

Generally speaking, I find habits of successful people in sports, business and entertainment to be very kind and nice. Successful habits of high profile people keep their ego’s at bay, treating those around them with respect and kindness. Making them feel comfortable no matter the role they play.

However, sometimes being competitive get’s misinterpreted as having an ego. There is one thing that can put competitiveness into check. That’s having ‘humility’ because you still need “swag’ as Coach Dana puts it, but it’s the humility that brings it back into perspective.

Humility comes from understanding that our losses are just as important as our wins.

For example, take a look at social media; most of what we see is winning. The challenge with this is, it’s unbalanced. To have success, there must be failure. Having the humility to share on social media, in person or whatever the circumstance may be, makes you relatable and real.

One of the biggest success habits to have is staying laser-focused on your vision. Having laser-focus and humility is not being all about yourself, but staying within yourself. Listening and learning from others is important. But don’t let opinions change who you are, and what your mission is because you understand your vision better than anyone can.

“When you visualize things you can make a lot of things happen” ~Coach Dana~

Being a visionary of my own business, I know how important it is to build a brand. But at one point or another, you need to decide which opinions you’ll listen to if any. Sometimes listening to other opinions can take you off focus, causing you to fail at your goals.

Passion will drive you

Coach Dana believes that you don’t in fact, need to “find your passion” that “your passion is already within.” Get in the habit of listening and trusting your inner-self.

Most people reading this are probably in the process of building or wanting to build a personal brand. There are so many different ways and a lot of different advice on how to build a brand. Coach Dana gave us the most valuable advice in the world when it comes to building your own brand…

“Stay focused inside”

Avoid listening to the noise around you. Obviously, most of the noise on social media and such is not real and relatable. What is relatable, the real person behind what you see. Try putting the authentic you out on social media. People love relatable! Not only will you build your brand faster, but you also stay within yourself achieving your vision, and living your passion.

In closing, success habits are built on what you enjoy. Hence, when you enjoy something, it sticks, and this my friends creates millionaire habits. Avoid the things that trip you up and take you off of your passion.

Decipher what winning means to you by picking up Coach Dana’s book ‘Habits of a Champion.’

Thanks for joining this community, and immersing yourself in the cause of creating genuine relationships in your life, and also in your business.

See ya next time,

Kody B.