Sales cycles are accelerated with CRM systems for a sales force

Sales cycle acceleration, is an important topic we are gonna cover in today’s blog.

Back in the day, sales used to be more transactional. Within the last few years, sales have transitioned into relational due to technology that makes it much simpler to stay in contact with prospects and customers.

However, one of the most frustrating things about the sales process is how slow the process can move. This is why systems have been created for the sales force industry, and continue to evolve in a big way as today’s technology grows.

I had the honor to interview Super Dave Smith as a guest on my Relationship Marketing podcast.  He is the master in marketing systems. Especially CRM (customer relationship management) systems. He understands the huge benefit that comes with these systems in how they accelerate and keep track of the sales process.

Dave is a Relationship Marketing trainer and speaker for the past 15 years. He has consulted startups and existing businesses in many different industries.

Currently, Dave is General Manager on a new startup called Sendogo a tangible touch CRM Integration.

Listen in as Dave, and I talk about CRM’s and ways to increase your success and accelerate your sales cycle:

Leads and follow-up

Sales can be a bit tricky when it comes to lead generation and follow-up with the leads generated. If you’re not keeping track of the lead with each step of the sales cycle, these leads:

  • get lost
  • grow cold and;
  • stop responding

then your back to square one; finding another lead!

We’ve all heard it said that ‘the fortune is in the follow-up,’ and there is no statement that could be any truer! Even if your prospect says ‘no’ or ‘not right now’ you need to stay in front ensuring they stay warm. Then, when the time comes and they need what you have they come to you, not your competition. Which by the way your competition is found easily because of Google, I’m sure you’ve heard of them…lol

The value of incorporating a CRM

First of all it’s imperative to know and understand what a CRM is, or what it means. Even more importantly, salespeople need to know the benefits and power of a CRM. It simply doesn’t matter whether your a small, medium, or large business, customers are the lifeline to success of any business and vital to growth moving forward.

5 years ago, CRM’s were growing at an impressive pace of 100%. Fast forward to now…300%. CRM’s are accelerating the sales cycle for the sales force industry around the world and with big ROI.

Know that there are a plethora of CRM systems out there and you can find one that is pretty much tailor-made to your needs. Plus there is incredible add on CRM integrations, such as Sendogo, that can enhance whatever one you choose.

Inbound and Outbound sales

Super Dave Smith educated us in the interview above on the benefits of a CRM, and how the sales cycle includes both Inbound sales and Outbound sales…

  • Inbound Sales (sales that come to you from online forms and social media where the consumers’ needs are prioritized, and the buyer is guided, not pushed through the decision-making process.)
  • Outbound Sales (sales that have been generated by a salesperson actively educating a consumer on why they need their solution to a challenge the consumer is having.

Both of these sales processes benefit hugely from using a CRM in their sales funnel. Anybody in sales understands that it’s easy to lose track of where leads and prospects are during a sales process. This is why a customer relationship management system is a necessary tool to have in your sales arsenal.

Since so much work goes into finding, nurturing, and closing a new customer, it’s critical to continue building the relationship, and here’s why. Salespeople think that once the sale is done and closed they’re done with the sales cycle. Therefore, they move on to find a new lead or prospect.

Sadly, only 1-3% of a sales force understand that if they continue to nurture the relationship with current and past customers, they don’t need to work so hard on lead generation. Qualified referrals and brand loyalty come from your current and past customers.

Become a referral magnet

I urge you to strongly consider Relationship Marketing, which builds the human connection in today’s technological world. Sendogo is a CRM integration, with relational marketing tactics comprised of tangible touches, celebrating the consumer or prospect as a human being.

I would recommend 5 touches such as:

  • Thank you
  • Nice to meet you
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Just because

However, the beauty of the tangible touch is that you can create your own creative, tangible marketing that fits your style!

Whatever CRM system you choose, remember that in relationship marketing, it’s not about the 2nd-word marketing, your core focus should be on the first-word relationship. For true success, it should be the heart that drives the sales cycle not only in business but relationships in general.

Lastly, if you have a sales force, it’s vital you teach them to build the heart of business by building genuine relationships with other human beings.

Take care,

Kody B.

p.s. If your using a CRM and are interested in accelerating your sales process with a Sendogo integration. Visit or email [email protected] to experience a Sendogo demo for you and/or your sales force.