Multi Level Marketing is achieved by helping others get what the want

Multi-Level Marketing is achieved by helping others get what they want. Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing or MLM is very near and dear to my heart. As most of you know, I own a network marketing company, and I’m involved with the ANMP, (Association of Network Marketing Professionals.)

In the NWM industry, most accomplishments are featured in terms of income earned which is different from a lot of other industries. So, in multi-level marketing, there’s always reference to money made.

I’ve had the chance to meet an incredible couple and to hear them speak. They are in the top 1-2% of network marketing earners in the world.

Ron Forrester & Leslie Hocker met through network marketing and:

  • have been in network marketing for over 35 years
  • top income earners in a company called ‘Neora.’
  • lifetime earnings of $23 million

Ron started as a spare time associate in 1980 while working as a pharmacist. He built his first organization producing an income that was multiples of his pharmacist’s annual income. He was able to retire forever from Corporate America.

Leslie was a corporate executive in the oil and gas industry before she discovered network marketing. Besides being a top earner in multi-level marketing Leslie is a:

  • business coach
  • certified NLP trainer by Robbins Research
  • member of ANMP

Last year, Ron was named as one of the Top 100 Influencers in Network Marketing at the ANMP. They are their current company’s top income earners, earning several million dollars over the last several years.

I asked them…

  1. How did they do it?
  2. How have they maintained top income?”

Isn’t it funny, they answered: “by building relationships and helping others succeed!

Interview with Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker

Listen in as they share with us their business philosophy and how they achieved success in network marketing:

Follow the system

Being system-dependent, you can have success in anything. Matter of fact, that’s how we all have success in everything we do. We plug into a system that was laid in place before we ourselves engage in whatever that field is, or that endeavor is.

Ron asks people, “How would you walk through a minefield if you had to?” Unfortunately, most of the time, they say, “Very carefully.”

“Look, simply put your footstep into footsteps and follow them. For instance, if you looked down a path going across the minefield and you can see a big hole at the end of that path, you would put your foot in that footprint and walk across that minefield. In multi-level marketing that is everything that we do, because every new endeavor is a minefield. We follow the system, and success happens.” ~Ron Forrester~

Helping other people achieve success, creates your success

So, the philosophy from Zig Ziglar, “Just help other people and you get what you want.” Network marketing, I believe, is a model that’s literally built around that philosophy.

Network marketing is one of the few industries, in my opinion, that really rewards that philosophy. The network marketing concept is about moving products or services, yourself, and then recruiting others to move the same products and services and then they recruit others to move the products and services. And we are merely there to help.

Understand that benefitting from building a book of business and residual income is developed by teamwork and working together. Network Marketing is a referral business. Referring people to a product or service that we have a passion for is something we all do.

Network Marketing is a referral business

Facebook proves word of mouth marketing works because we call it an industry, but it’s really a method of moving products or services into the marketplace differently than a traditional business does. We can throw out a bunch of names and titles about this industry. Call it MLM, multilevel marketing or network marketing… it’s actually relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is a better descriptor of the multi-level marketing industry because the whole model works not only with developing yourself but other people as well. People trust you more when you have relationships with them and this is where success comes in.

Final words I have for you today is never to stop learning, keep improving upon yourself so you can help others achieve their dreams as well.

Take care everyone,

Kody B.