Entrepreneurial Tactics When Under Pressure

I love it when I get to interview people and entrepreneurs that have had adventurous experiences in their life. I’ve been very fortunate to have amazing guests to interview for my Relationship Marketing Podcast. These many guests have shared with me what business tactics are effective in today’s business world.

This entrepreneur is not only highly successful in business, but also highly successful as an Air Force pilot.  I want to introduce Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman who is known as the Wingman. (YourWingman.com)

Not only is he know as “The Wingman,” he is also the:

  • Author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Never Fly Solo. (Teaching tactics on how to build trusting revenue-producing relationships with employees, partners, and customers all while sharing his experiences as a decorated fighter pilot and sales expert.)
  • He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy
  • Holds an MBA with a focus on organizational behavior
  • Former top-producing sales manager successfully leading national sales efforts for several cutting-edge technology and consulting firms
  • Motivational speaker and leadership expert

Waldo overcame massive claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a fighter pilot accomplishing:

  • 65 combat missions in 2,650 flight hours
  • Five air medals
  • Two aerial achievement medals
  • Four commendation medals,
  • Two meritorious service medals

Listen in as Waldo shares some of the best personal development that you’ll ever hear! You’ll learn that you’re never alone in business. Everyone has a wingman so to speak…

“Altitude determines attitude.”

First of all, could you imagine the training tactics and skill set it takes to fly sophisticated jets in the Air Force? There’s got to be a ton of training that goes into being able to fly those. Skill sets that can be applied to us as entrepreneurs.

Surely you’ve heard the saying, “attitude determines altitude.” But at the end of the day, Waldo believes “attitude plus action, determines your altitude.” Waldo flew and trained with a lot of great men and women. What’s interesting is, even if these men and women had positive attitudes, high energy or were enthusiastic & full of vigor… if they didn’t know how to execute, or how to put their brain and hands together during a stressful environment, to operate as flawlessly as possible when the missiles are being launched, they would not make it.

Training for these pilots is intense as it is always evolving and changing with each environment, and you can’t expect your previous training to facilitate and guarantee your success.

Success is always derived from new:

  • tactics and;
  • technologies

One could only understand that the training, pressure, sweat, and the constant evolution is what gives these pilots and wingmen the confidence to go out and execute as flawlessly as possible.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in battle.”  ~Waldo Waldman~

Friends, there is no substitute for sweat. And if you are reading this post today and saying, “Hey, I’m struggling. I’m trying to build my business to be an entrepreneur. Trying to build relationships and working 12 to 14 hours.” Remember it’s a grind, man! And you got to work your tail off.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter what bloodline you come from or the past successes you have and haven’t had. It’s about evolution!

One of my philosophies is, you have to trust yourself, and have a relationship with yourself first. I call it your inner prompting but for this post let’s call it what Waldo calls it “inner wingman”

Developing your inner wingman is a must when your an entrepreneur! It’s done with consistent, evolving personal development. This is imperative before you can build relationships with other wingmen, which are other men and women in your life that you can trust.

Folks, this is such good stuff.

So what does being a wingman mean?

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman teaches that no fighter pilot flies in combat solo, and this is why he wrote the book, ‘Never Fly Solo.’ In combat you’re stuck trying to move in this tiny little cockpit, it’s impossible to see your most vulnerable position behind you. This is exactly why every fighter pilot has a wingman and so should ‘Entrepreneurs!’ In life and business, things sneak up on you. But when you have a wingman or Wingmam, (female pilot) seated behind you, it’s easier for him or her to look over their shoulder and see what you can’t see, to check your blind spot.

So this concept of mutual support is engaged by the power of building the picture. You can fly solo, but the wingman allows you to be more effective and build the picture and your situational awareness. Most importantly choose a wingman to help develop your effectiveness.

The wingman philosophy, is trust in a partner who:

  • calls out the threats
  • leaves their ego at the door
  • is open to giving and receiving feedback
  • cares about you to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear
  • calling out the missiles, bruising your ego, pissing you off if necessary

That’s the type of person or wingman that is going to help you succeed.

Consolidating those key members and building relationships with those folks is key because you can’t see all on your own. Building that trust, and connection, really is the foundation of my relationship marketing philosophy.

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman says “if you think you got it together, it’s a missile that you don’t see.” They may be coming at you right now! You really want people to call out those missiles. Have relationships with people that you could call now and know that, that relationship is solid, that they’re going to take action, and ultimately achieve success. So, that’s really the fundamentals of what a wingman is.”

“Beware of distractions disguised as opportunities.” ~Jim Ziegler~

Waldo has a YouTube story titled ‘Avoiding Distractions’ that ties into the whole wing man philosophy.

Many times in life, we are going to have an opportunity that comes up that’s really a distraction taking us off target, and out of focus of our goals. Avoid those distractions. Stick to the mission objective, be focused on the strategy, the targets, the things that are going to move the needle for your business or your life.

Business owners have distractions popping up in their head daily. Phone calls, and emails that come in, plus requests from people of your time, are going to take you off of your trajectory, your mission for success. I think it’s essential for all of us in business to remember to have, follow, and trust the leader because that’s kind of how things have to work. And then a leader, in turn, has to listen to the wingman and all the other people that are backing them up.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t want your clone in your office with you. You want somebody with different ideas, and perspectives. You need soft skills such as core, integrity, service, work ethics, and accountability, these are non-negotiable. But those tactical abilities, the communication styles, those are all things that are important to build a holistic view on an organization that adapts the change and ultimately grows.

So as a businessperson, that’s the wingman philosophy because in order to create an operational excellence, on the tactical side, you’ve got to be able to create a relationship component.

Ask for help

Entrepreneurial people are afraid to ask for help, afraid to take their mask off. They are nervous about being bashed in front of their teammates. They are scared to admit their weaknesses and seek advice because they feel the culture of the organization is going to look down on them because they’re not good enough.

Be willing to go to places where people are smarter than you. Ready to show up and say, ‘I am the idiot in the room. I’m here to learn, and my goal is to get 1% better after being in this experience.’ And once I master those things, I’m going to find a new room of people where I’m an idiot in the room again.

A businessperson/entrepreneur should have a sense of accountability for themselves. Realizing they’ve got to put in the time, they have to train with sweat and continuously prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“Wingman never wing it.” ~Waldo Waldman~

A businessperson is always flying combat. And like I said, even in aerial combat, relationships are the most crucial thing in business, and our personal lives, and wherever we go.

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Preparation is really key.

And for all of my visitors I appreciate you. Make sure you share this thing and get it out there. This
is very, very good, good stuff.

Take care and God bless,

Kody B.

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