Brand marketing consistency is the key to staying top-of-mind.

Brand marketing…mostly, when we think of the words brand and marketing, we think of a product or service that is provided through sales. Today’s blog will focus on branding yourself and the importance of it.

I’m grateful for guests that I have the privilege of interviewing, who are so open & willing to give their time and talents inside of my Relationship Marketing Podcast. It’s amazing how much I learn from them. Being a student of learning throughout life and learning from the people I interview has been an integral component of my success.

With that said, there is no one better to tell us about how face-to-face relationship building has become a lost art than John Endries.

John has become a pro at brand marketing, especially when it comes to branding himself!

For 30yrs John has been in an interesting niche. Matter of fact, he’s in an industry that has been right up my alley all of my life. Motorsports! He owns Superior Powersports Services. Brand marketing is difficult in this industry, not only because of the digital age but also because it’s so competitive and products come and go. This is why John found it necessary to brand himself, more so than his products and services.

Watch this interview to learn how John went from the worst year in his industry to thriving in 6 months by branding himself. Simply by, tangibly reaching out to his clients…past and present, with a thank you card, he went from a slow-time, falling short of his financial goal to the best 2 years that he’s had thus far.

Old school marketing versus digital marketing.

Believe it or not, there are independent sales-reps out there that have learned how to merge:

  • old school marketing and;
  • digital marketing

It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to sales-reps whose products need to be tangibly touched and tested. They consistently have to do face-to-face, old school marketing by visiting…

  • dealerships
  • accessory stores
  • whole-sale products
  • prospects
  • other sales-reps

As a sales-rep can you imagine, this is very time consuming as well as competitive!

So how does a sales-rep in such a competitive industry stay top of mind? By branding themselves & their products!

Sales-reps have to make an impression to stay:

  • top-of-mind and;
  • build brand loyalty

John has his strategy dialed in. His strategy is consistency. Consistency in showing up and staying in front of his clients and customers in between visiting times. Because it’s impossible to visit each and every client/customer every day, he has implemented an impressive way to stay in touch tangibly.

Building the heart of your relationships.

John took my advice and put it to the test.

I recommend 10X your appreciation and you’ll 10X your business. In today’s day and age the Human Connection is missing.

John 10X’ed his appreciation by sending tangible cards to the mailboxes of his clients and customers. These cards are cards of:

  • Thanks
  • Appreciation
  • Celebration and;
  • Humor

People are starving to feel appreciated, needed and loved. It’s human nature.

In closing, I asked John to share a message with those reading this:

“Go from the heart. Not only has sending these heartfelt cards built my business, but more importantly, it’s also taught me how to be a better person and how to care for people more” ~John Endries~

In closing I just want to say “go from the heart!”

Thanks for tuning in!

God Bless,

Kody B.