Customer acquisition is considered to be the connection between advertising and customer relationship management to acquire new customers.

Well, I have a secret to customer acquisition through word of mouth!

This secret technique is so rarely used, some would think it’s a secret that most salespeople don’t know about. Truth…it’s not a secret, and everyone in sales knows about it, but they choose not to do it.

For some reason, only 3% or less choose to use this customer acquisition technique. Interestingly enough, these salespeople in the 3% that choose this technique are in the top 1-3% of sales in their industry.

What’s the secret you ask…a tangible “Thank You” card!

This is such a simple concept. So simple in fact, I don’t understand why all salespeople don’t utilize this. You can’t get better word of mouth advertising than a “Thank You” card…period!

How do I know this? Because smart people have done their studies for years on saying “Thank You,” and showing appreciation with a tangible touch!

Sue Adams owns a franchise of Budget Blinds. She has figured out this personal marketing for her business creating word of mouth customers and achieving a 20-25% referral rate in a short time.

Learn why this “Thank You” card technique has become a staple in her marketing for customer acquisition increasing her word of mouth referrals;

Impact starts with a personal touch

Traditional marketing has its place, but in today’s digital world Relationship Marketing is more important than ever before when acquiring customers.

Salespeople know that to acquire word of mouth customers or acquire referrals people must know, like and trust them. I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it…The single most powerful touch to a prospect or customer to generate business and referrals is a “Thank You” card.

Change your focus from making a sale to making a friend. It’s the bond and relationship that matters not the price of your service or product. This simple change builds the human connection and seals the deal. Consequently, when you appreciate your customers (whether they buy from you or not), they will send referrals your way.

I hope you took a few minutes to hear what Sue had to say in the above interview, it could totally change how you look at marketing and more importantly change your business.

Take care,

Kody B.