Marketing Strategy creates success for Photographer

Marketing strategy is a big deal when it comes to business. But when people hear the words ‘Relationship Marketing” they want to know exactly what “Relationship Marketing” is.

Generally, the curiosity is because of the word “Marketing.” Reason being, marketing is a way to generate more ‘business’, and ‘money’ which is the goal of any company.

Relationship marketing is a great format, and it’s essential to have a relationship marketing strategy in today’s day and age. Besides, building business relations with kindness has never gone out of style. Most importantly most salespeople don’t think about the heart of their business, they focus on the numbers, closing the sale.

Most success in any industry is not created just by what you do. Matter of fact it’s more about how uniquely different or creative you are in the marketplace. For instance, how do you stand out from your competition?

How to be a better marketer

First of all the format of this blog is to talk about how to be nice to each other. Not just in our personal but our business lives as well. And it’s interesting because a lot of people subscribe to this blog because it says ‘relationship marketing.’

Relationship marketing is a new buzz word, and it’s a great format in today’s world. In fact, it’s essential to have a relationship marketing strategy. Emphasis on the word ‘RELATIONSHIP.’ Consequently, if you don’t have a relationship marketing strategy, you’re going to get left behind.

Relationship marketing is a big deal

Let’s talk about the importance of genuine, heartfelt relationships with other human beings without an attachment to marketing.

I was super excited to interview Josh Rossi. He is 34 years old and based out of Puerto Rico. He owns an online photography school, and I’ve learned some incredible things from this guy, and I want to share these things with you in this blog.

Josh has a passion for creating relationships with people that are bigger than he is. Because he knows how to build the “Relationship” part of “Relationship Marketing” his work has gone viral through those relationships. As a result, a lot of stuff he has done has exploded out there because there’s so much value in the content he adds to the photography industry.

Josh owns and runs an online photography school, and he has worked on many charitable projects such as;

  1. Justice League for Kids that went viral @ 240 million views
  2. Avengers of Bullying @ 1 million views

Josh has an impressive resume and has made such a huge difference in the lives of kids around the world. And man, it just gets to your heart when you hear these stories…

”If you want to be successful, you have got to just focus on one thing you’re good at and be the best at that one thing.” -Josh Rossi-

I love what he does because he’s creative in seeing an opportunity to create highly unique stories from his photography that people can relate to.

Relationship marketing is how Josh built up relationships inside of mastermind and online groups. This marketing strategy helped his work hit critical mass taking it viral within 24hours.

Touching on what the essence of what a relationship marketing strategy is.

We live in a day and age now where what you send out is what comes back to you. Look, this is an age-old fundamental law. It’s the law of attraction. Do you know what’s going to happen when you give knowledge freely to people? Well, what you send out comes back to you tenfold!

Seems as though a polished sales pitch is a thing of the past now. Hence, today it’s more about relationships than ever before. Do to this, people are looking for those that are willing to give of themselves. Therefore, people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

How do you get to know, like and trust somebody?

Well, I’ve hit one of the key powers of relationship marketing. It’s just – and I say it in our workshops, seminars all the time, find out who you are and then give yourself away everyday. Be consistent at adding value, then that value comes back tenfold naturally building the know, like and trust factor. It’s excellent stuff!

Again, it’s just a matter of creating the relationship for the sake of the relationship, not for what you can “get out of it” but for what “you can give to it.” Now that’s a successful business strategy.

Take care,

Kody B.

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